Tuition raised 2k per child to cover teacher’s bloated salar
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 11:22 am
My kids morahs go so above and beyond for their students, I pray that they are paid well. And we live very frugally just to afford tuition. These morahs work until all hours of the night attending to every possible detail.
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 11:58 am
Maybe the reason why teachers deserve a higher salary is that they are expected to not only teach, inspire, discipline and also make sure their students are safe in the event of a school shooting. Two teachers from Robb Elementary laid down their lives this week. I pity anyone who calls teachers’ salaries “bloated” in my presence.
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 12:36 pm
I am curious as to the notification that came when people were informed if the new tuition.

Did the letter say we are raising tuition because of increase in teacher salaries or did it contain the usual stuff stating that all costs have gotten higher including salaries and so *reluctantly* they are being forced to raise tuition to cover additional costs.

I ask because generally letters raising prices don’t point to one specific reason especially when there are so many increased costs. It seems strange that they are singling out teacher salaries as the only reason for the increase in tuition.
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