Ideas to lower tuition any thing?
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 8:20 pm
imorethanamother wrote:
How do you know what 5% looks like? Who’s telling you honestly what they make? What about grandparents who are retired but still wealthy?

And if you’re not enforcing it, what’s the difference between what’s happening right now with everyone fundraising?

What about a family who’s experiencing fertility problems and they’re so grateful to Bonei Olam that they want all their maaser to go to them? Do you penalize them?

Is there a consequence to not paying?

Why would I give my seed money to institutions I don’t approve of?

If you set the bar as one single price, regardless of family size, what happens when suddenly everyone has 10-12 children? Isn’t this the problem with universal healthcare? That making everyone pay means that you now have to cap resources for everyone or you go broke very quickly?

Nobody knows what 5% looks like. And nobody needs to. It is VOLUNTARY. Not enforced. Not demanded. Nobody is looking at your books to see if you gave it or not. It is tax-deductible. It is half of your maaser.

So what's the difference between this and fundraising? Most people do not allocate anywhere near half of their maaser to education at all. And this is not towards a specific school, it is towards ensuring that Jewish education is affordable for everyone - yourself, your children, your neighbors, your friends. Would that be a successful drive? I think so, I think if people realized the benefits for the entire community of affordable education we would be motivated to commit.

There is no consequence. If it was enforced or mandatory, it would not be tax-deductible, and would be completely impossible to enforce properly. The honor system encourages people to be honorable. Rigid enforcement often encourages people to lie and cheat. But most importantly, if people see that it will HELP them, they will hopefully want to take part.

The seed money is a completely separate cheshbon. Probably a few wealthy donors would need to come together to make it possible to begin such a project.

The bar is not one single price. Parents are encouraged to pay full tuition, the price of which should be lower once scholarships and extracurriculars are excluded from the amount.

If more children are born, economies of scale should kick in which should ameliorate the stress on the system. And over time, each of those children becomes a donor to the system as they get jobs of their own.

As I said at the very beginning, calculating for this would be a job for actuaries who can run the numbers properly and ensure that it is sustainable.
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 8:48 pm
imorethanamother wrote:
My idea:

Open charter schools. No religion taught at all.

Afternoon Talmud Torah.

Didn't they try to do this in Bergen County?
I don't think it got off the ground because the parents didn't want it.
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 9:01 pm
- auditor to look at ALL of the school's financials. Expenses, payroll, income...
- cut salaries of admins, cut the number of admins (there are so many admins at some of the local schools and when you ask what they do I hear such part time work or work that does not need an admin level salary).
- find cost cutting methods. Other distributors, brands etc. One friend sent to a school that sent home pictures WEEKLY on the fancy extra long paper. Instead of emailing them, using normal paper...
- see if parents can do some of the work needed for a small reduction in tuition. Maybe collate papers, stuff envelopes, return books at the school library, prepare crafts in the preschool (cut out items etc). I am sure there is something the school doesnt need someone full time for but needs done. So for every 10 hours they get a little off. My kids school had a parent service obligation- you give in a check for a set amount and if you dont finish up your hours by the end of the year they cash it. As long as you have lots of options, including some at home/weekends, it can work out.
Or hire parents for a discounted rate (for a tuition reduction).
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Post Fri, May 27 2022, 12:52 am
Amother Steel:
you sound like you have been thinking about this for awhile, some points I want to say
-some people give all there maaser for tuition and don't have the 5%
-When I graduated high School there was a push that a post high school girl should give 10% of her maaser to the high School she graduated from, is that still a thing? Maybe 10% of your maaser to your local school might be more easy to swallow for some one who has kids in no schools.
-The central office, a few years ago a few schools in Central Jersey tried to start some thing like this, but to many people got annoyed over the fact that their money is going to "that" place. On the other hand I keep hearing about the Chicago fund, I have no idea how that works but they claim it helps people pay there tuition
-I think there was a thread some time ago about an Org. that collected tuition from the parents for the schools, I really did not read the thread so I don't know to much about it.
-Some one once porpoised a "Jewish Income Tax" having an Org. collected a tax based on your income as you can imagine it did not go over to well.

Your idea about Charter schools has bean done. The Jewish Press had an article some years ago about a family that could not pay tuition so they sent to the Hebrew Charter School in their town it was a school that was staffed by Israelis and taught every thing in Hebrew, They figured that at least there kids would be in a some what Jewish environment and fill in gaps with after school\Sunday school. It did not work because they could not send to any after school program with in an hour from their house because non would take kids from the Charter school.

Amother Cherry:
BC(before covied) there were about 9 states that had a state on-line school, these are states were 10 year olds drive to the bus stop that is miles from their house, were high schools can have students from 3 states and if they have more then 50 kids in the whole school it is a large number.
The school is in most of those states are open to any kid living there that whats to send. I don't think that there is a large Jewish community in any of them.
However some one once flooded the idea that Jewish schools in those states should not have an English dept. let the state pay for it. Don't know if any thing ever came from it.
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