Pros and Cons of where to buy a Bugaboo, etc
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 2:01 pm
Fox 2 is discounted now. Pish posh is good if you want full price and choice of colors they have a good points system. You can stalk , goodbuygear.com they keep uploading more stuff. I got a floor sample incredibly cheap. Yad Shnia, people are always selling second hand.
I posted upthread that I changed to the bugaboo from a different brand, and what struck me most (after the smooth push) was that the seat is so much wider and bigger than other brands.
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 3:47 pm
IMO wrote:
Bugaboo is the best brand, followed by uppababy.
Cybex comes in only third in terms of quality.
The reason I didn’t get any of these, is because all of them have bucket seats, ie baby can’t lie flat, which means it’s uncomfortable for them to nap as they have their legs in the air. Also, I doubt it’s as ergonomically healthy as a non bucket seat, especially when they are too big for bassinet but not sitting properly independently yet.

ETA I stand corrected that cybex does offer lie flat seat. Still isn’t best quality though.

What do you mean bugaboo can’t lie flat? I have the donkey and obviously the bassinet is flat. And technically the regular seat you can put flat too.

OP if you’re looking to save money, consider buying second hand. We bought our donkey for like $400 I think. Ending up spending more to freshen it up with new fabrics (some I was able to buy cheaper open box type but brand new fabric) and leather handle covers from Etsy.
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 3:52 pm
I gave away my bee five because I didn’t like it.
I felt that it didn’t push so nicely and was heavier to push than my stroller.
It also takes a lot of room, I don’t like how it looks at all. It’s also very complicated to fold and adjust. And it has a hard to reach basket.
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 7:23 pm
amother Oxfordblue wrote:
Don't know about 1 since I just got mine at a store local to me, but as far as #2 the main options are Fox (full size, comes with bassinet, what most people go for) and Lynx (a few pounds lighter, bassinet sold separately). If you are getting the bassinet anyways then they are basically the same price wise, otherwise the lynx is cheaper. Fox is the full size model which has a slightly better push and I think also slightly bigger basket, comes in more colors too. I personally went with the lynx because I have a lot of stairs and felt the lightness was worth it, but most people go for the fox from what I see around town. Best thing is to go into a store and push them both for yourself, they are very similar really with only minor differences.

Then there's the donkey which is the double version that can also be used as a single, it is wider than the average single but then converts to one of, if not the, narrowest side by side doubles on the market, I've never owned one but everyone I know who has one is happy with it.

There is also the bee and the ant (I think it's called the butterfly now?) and the cameleon which isn't made anymore but you can still buy; they all have smaller wheels so the push is not the same but they're more compact so that's a trade off.

Hope that helps!

Hey, just came across this thread and saw you got the lynx bc of your stairs. Considering the same as I will have to do a lot of outdoor stairs. Would you recommend the lynx for this? Are the few pounds you save on the weight worth giving up the extra features of the fox? Thanks!
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 8:02 pm
amother Jasmine wrote:
I don’t regret not getting the bugaboo. I was deciding between the Fox and the Cybex Priam and am so happy with my Priam. It’s gorgeous and smooth and at least as good as a Bugaboo, but much nicer looking in my opinion, and definitely more unique. I get a ton of compliments everywhere I go.

I heard this from two different ppl as well
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Post Sat, Dec 10 2022, 11:55 pm
IMO wrote:
Ok. But the Priam is SO much heavier than the bugaboo; a big negative if you live where there’s lots of stairs or hills.
(Bugaboo engineering is incredible that they can keep the weight so low and yet produce full size strollers with all the features.)
Also, it doesn’t have the same longevity and is not as well made as the bugaboo brand.
I do actually own a cybex, (balios because it’s more lightweight) but there’s no denying that bugaboo lead the market.
The only bugaboo that does lie flat is the bee, but that isn’t a full size stroller.

OP, I would go for Lynx or Fox for a full size stroller, not cameleon - the front wheels are ridiculously small.

Would you recommend your balios for a house with a lot of front stairs? I'm deciding between balios, priam, and bugaboo fox and lynx. Thanks!
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