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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 7:22 pm
Tell me bedtime strategies that work. I really buy into my kids' shenanigans....

Bedtime is a nightmare in my house. One kid is scared. Another wants water 1000x. And they all want me to lay down next to them. And the baby crying self to sleep and another one napped at 4pm so bedtime is delayed to 11pm And I have tons of housework to take care of. And if I lay down for 1 second I will pass out from tiredness. But I dowant to connect with them.

Bedtime makes me resent motherhood.

What gets you thru this challege? How do u succeed and not resent your kids?
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 7:24 pm
Self care
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 7:25 pm
The ones who have a hard time with bedtime end up falling asleep in my bed, then I move them. Probably a bad habit to fall into but it works and avoids nighttime power struggles when I just can’t anymore
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 8:04 pm
Bedtime is the same in my house.
No advice to give.
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 9:32 pm
Mine is calm. I'm not sure why. In general I am a strong disciplinarian and very humorous. I think the combination works well for raising kids Wink
I clearly say what I expect of them. And I do that in advance of actual bedtime. I look each child in the eye no throwing out statements like 'everyone get ready for bed, why is Noone listening to me?!?!' Focus on each child separately and explain how the evening will go...
It's all very relaxed and chilled.
'Hey sweety, it's getting late, let's put on pj's and choose a book for mommy to read.. if there is a fuss I'd say I don't want to skip reading a book but if it takes too long I may have to... there are lots of hugs and silly jokes which helps keep them on track. 'Hey I'm so proud that ----- is getting pj's on so nicely yay'! Loads of compliments...then read a book and say shema. Remind them that you will give them 1 last hug, 1 sip of water, and then Noone can come out. If they start whining, you empathize but stick to the plan. 'Oiy I know it's so frustrating because you really want another drink, mommy said 1 drink sorry sweety!' Hug kiss...don't budge!

Noone ever took a 4pm nap. Like just never happened so no advice there.
Kids have early bedtimes so they are less kvetchy during bedtime routines. Much smoother that way.
Kindness and consistency IS conveying love.
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