Scar cream that really works
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Post Mon, May 30 2022, 8:34 am
Would anyone know if these creams would work on a scar that's about 10 years old. Dd had 4 layers of stitches and she has a big scar on forehead.
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Post Mon, May 30 2022, 9:32 am
My DS had stitches under his eye right before the summer. I think I used Mederma for the scar. The plastic surgeon who did the stitches told me to put sunscreen on the scar for 6 months even on rainy days. I used Neutrogena and was so careful to put the sunscreen on every day. When I went back to the doctor to have the scar checked a few months later he asked if I had been putting on sunscreen every day. I said yes, I have been using Neutrogena. He told me that Neutrogeona doesn’t work well as a sunscreen 😔 and it looked as if I had not been putting on lotion!
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