Potato Kugel Lady where are you?
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Post Wed, Jan 25 2023, 11:27 am
amother Snowdrop wrote:
Hi potato kugel lady!
How are you?
Been thinking of you…
(Maybe because I just put a kugel in the oven and then got a text from my Maria that she won’t be coming tomorrow…)
Hope you’re busy with good things!

I'm doing well, bH. How are you?

I've been busy with all sorts of things, hopefully some of them good.

So the situation with the car is that it is right now sitting- unused - in my driveway, like some trophy. I've had some updates (and put more money into it) but nothing positive to share, unfortunately. B'kitzur, it doesn't work at all.
And I've been ooccupied with other things so I just couldn't deal with it.

Ironically, I occasionally get comments about how cute the car is. It's a Mini Cooper, and for some reason, people think it's a cute car. I don't even know what to answer to that. Life is pretty strange sometimes. Can't Believe It

Hope your kugel comes out good!
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