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If I said, please put this non food item in a plastic bag what would you use?
A plastic shopping bag (that you put groceries in)  
 82%  [ 104 ]
Ziploc type bag  
 17%  [ 22 ]
Total Votes : 126

Bnei Berak 10


Post Wed, Jun 22 2022, 2:55 am
In israel there are still places where you get plastic bags for free (green grocer, shoes, clothing etc)
Only grocery stores charge you.
I buy a little as possible when it comes to sandwhich bags and similar. They are ending up in the garbage. Why should I spend more money on nice zip loc bags?
Edit: I use my free plastic bags in garbage cans. I would hate to pay for garbage bags Mad
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Post Wed, Jun 22 2022, 10:20 am
In my house it’s plastic bag, and shopping bag. So plastic would mean clear.
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Post Wed, Jun 22 2022, 9:34 pm
happytobemom wrote:
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

They used be everything-a-dollar but the price recently went up to $1.25, so...
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