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Post Mon, Aug 08 2022, 9:13 pm
amother [ Babyblue ] wrote:
I apologize if this is off topic but not sure where else to post. My vaxxed adult daughter and I, who am not vaxxed both came down with covid over 3 weeks ago. We have both taken various remedies suggested by an alternative Dr but while we are certainly better than 3 weeks ago, neither of us is really up and about. We are exhausted pretty much all the time. How long should this last?

PLEASE - don't bother telling me that it's lasting because she vaxxed or because I didn't. I really just want to have an idea how long we will be ill.

This is not off topic.

Here is my experience. I had Covid 2 or 3 times (I can only be sure about the first time because I tested for antibodies...).
My recent bout was about a month ago. I was feeling horrible f(fever and sinusitis) or about 7-10 days. Then, I was back on my feet but dragging myself around. Couldn't go on the treadmill. Felt guilty about that but I just couldn't get my act together.
I asked the doctors on one of my whatsapp groups on prevention and treatment. There are a few tzadikim that dispense advice freely on treating Covid. They advised me to take only 12 mg of Ivermectin per day, which I did, since I have a Covid gemach in my home for those that need it. I did and lo and behold - within 3-5 days I was good as new. I am only sorry that I was too cheap to take it when I was actually sick. You see, you need to take it by weight and I am not a lightweight. Here in Israel we use the Ivermectin that is brought in privately from India and it costs us 10 shekels a pill.
I cannot recommend this drug enough. In the U.S. there are places to get it and doctors that prescribe it.
I highly recommend going to the flccc.net website and reading up on Ivermectin. You can also do a consult with one of the MD's they have on their list here: https://covid19criticalcare.co.....ders/ They are not expensive.

The supplements are important but the gamechanger for me was Ivermectin.
Another thing you should ask about is aspirin. My husband is a big advocate of aspirin as it's a blood thinner and one of the things with Covid is that it causes circulation problems. I have a grown daughter who had Covid a very long time ago and she now has a problem with neuropathy in her hands and feet. When she takes aspirin she feels better. She will be going to a nantural healer to help her as soon as she does her blood work. Long Covid can have all kinds of effects, including back pain, joint pain, neck pain etc. I am in touch with alot of people. Doesn't matter if they were jabbed or not. Everyone gets Covid and many have long term side effects.

Refuah Shlema.
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Post Mon, Aug 08 2022, 9:28 pm
By the way, this latest strain of Covid is typified by weakness. Everyone I know who had it suffered from extreme weakness (except my 91 year old, triple jabbed mother ka"h). And noone got better too fast. It just dragged on.
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Post Tue, Aug 09 2022, 2:17 am

Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years.
This is a list of just the docs my doctor friend in Canada heard about passively. In the past 30 years, he's never heard of a single death like this. Not one. Now there are at least 14.

Steve Kirsch
Aug 7
Executive summary
A doctor friend of mine in Canada heard about 15 deaths of Canadian doctors over the last 9 months. He’s been in practice for 30 years. He’s never heard of any such unusual deaths before of doctors. Zero in 30 years. Why is he now, all of a sudden, hearing of so many deaths, and why are these deaths all happening very soon after vaccination?

From July 13 to July 28, 7 doctors died… an average of one doctor every other day for 2 weeks straight. And the causes of death were statistically unusual: two died swimming (which is very rare), one died in her sleep (very rare), etc.

The fact checkers assure us all that all of these doctors died for other reasons; the fact that they all died right after the vaccine was simply bad luck. That’s not the right metric. The fact checkers need to tell us the last time this happened where 7 doctors died in 14 days from unusual causes. They cannot. This is unprecedented.

The Canadian doctors continue to ignore the deaths in plain sight and continue to believe what they are told to believe. I predict the next shots will be even worse.

Sadly, I don’t think the Canadian doctors are ever going to figure this out.

14 deaths of young doctors in the last 9 months, all shortly after the jab
Canadian doctors keep lining up to get the shots to be “protected” from a disease which is easily treatable with a combination of drugs with little to no side effects.

A doctor friend in Canada has been passively noticing the untimely death of doctors in Canada shortly after they were forced to get the third and fourth doses of the vaccine. He sent me these images below which had been sent to him. He’s not proactively researching these. There are likely a lot more deaths he doesn’t know about.

Guess how many similar deaths (young doctors dying unexpectedly of odd causes) he’s noticed in the past 30 years in practice? Yup, zero.

What’s astounding is that this is a vaccine, which according to this CDC study, makes it nearly impossible for you to die after the shot. Yet, these doctors all died shortly after the shot. The doctors are dead, so the CDC study must be wrong.

Oddly, none of the deaths were covered in the Canadian mainstream media, so I thought you should know about them.

There was coverage of six recent deaths in Health Impact News: 6 Canadian Medical Doctors Died Within 2 Weeks After 4th COVID Booster Shots for Employees Started at One Hospital.

Let me be very clear. You cannot have 14 Canadian doctors die shortly after the vaccine if there isn’t something wrong with the shot. Period. Full stop. Each of these is a very rare event. Having them clustered like this is a sure sign the vaccines killed them.

Any honest scientist would start with this hypothesis as the most obvious hypothesis and only reject it if there was compelling evidence to the contrary.

The vaccine kills people in subtle ways that are NOT being investigated by medical examiners. They are deliberately looking the other way.
Two of the most popular methods used by the vaccine to kill people are accelerating a cancer (which may have started from an earlier dose) and by causing a sudden death which, if the person is driving or swimming, appears to be a car accident or drowning.

Nearly all the medical examiners all look the other way when assessing a vaccine-caused death.

For example, I know a technician who works for a medical examiner who is seeing all these odd “blood clots,” but he says the pathologists “won’t listen or investigate”!

Why are people looking the other way? It’s because they want the pandemic to go away and they are told that the vaccine is the only way out of the pandemic so they look the other way when there is bad news.

Fact checkers: Nothing to see here folks. Move along.
According to the fact checkers, none of these doctors died from the shots, they all died of other causes. Duh. The vaccine always kills people by stopping their heart, brain, etc. so it always looks like they died from something else because they did.

But when normally healthy people all of a sudden die like this in rapid succession, you are being totally disingenuous if you rule out the vaccine as the likely instigator of the death.

What the fact checkers fail to point out is that in many cases, the diseases often first started after the first vaccine shot, and then got worse with progressive shots. Somehow, they always miss that point that the vaccine accelerated the death. The fact that all these doctors died in close proximity to the shots is just too coincidental.

Canadian docs will keep believing the “safe and effective” narrative because that’s what they are trained to do: trust the authorities
My doctor friends in Canada simply cannot believe how brainwashed his colleagues are. Zero deaths in 30 years, now all of a sudden 14 deaths in 9 months each happening shortly after their shots. Come on. That’s not bad luck. No way.

The Canadian docs will continue to ignore the stats, believe the “fact checkers,” and line up for the shots. It will get worse in the next round.

14 Canadian doctors who have died after being given the vaccine
From July 13 to July 28, 7 doctors died… an average of one doctor every other day for 2 weeks.

Vincent Mak
Died August 3rd, 2022 at 12:45pm. My friend knew him. Covered here and here.

Dr. Bradley James Harris
March 14, 2022. His death went unnoticed.

There are certainly many more like this.

It’s not just doctors being affected
Doctors, athletes, celebrities are all very visible.

This “problem” is happening everywhere. The only question is whether people are paying attention.

Read this post by Anita Jader. She’s paying attention.

Ask yourself: have you ever seen a post like this in your life? Do you think this is “normal”?

Read this post about Wayne Root’s wedding. He basically did the post-marketing randomized clinical trial that the CDC never did. Only 200 people were “enrolled” in his “trial” which lasted just 8 months. The results are stunning and cannot be explained by just “bad luck.” There is no other possible explanation: the vaccines are a disaster.

Wayne’s vaccinated friends had a 26% risk of severe injury and a 7% chance of death compared with a 0% level for his unvaxxed friends in the same time period. This is the type of observational study the CDC should be doing… but they aren’t for obvious reasons (it would create vaccine hesitancy).

Does that sound like a safe vaccine to you?

Surveys 10% of people have buyer’s remorse on the vaccine, 15% have a new medical condition post vaccine.

An NIH study finds 40.2% of women experienced menstrual changes post vaccine.

The evidence just doesn’t seem to matter, even when it is in plain sight. 40.2% of women had their reproductive organs affected by the vaccine and we still are mandating this vaccine?!?!

Are there any anecdotes showing the reverse, I.e., only unvaxxed getting sick/dying? I couldn’t find any!
When I looked for anecdotes that are opposite to this one (where it was the unvaxxed who were being injured or dying), I couldn’t find any.

Apparently, I am not alone. This poll is as lopsided as it gets; it tells you everything you need to know:

Poll shows nobody could find any anecdotes
It’s up to the fact checkers now to produce hundreds of extreme reverse anecdotes (e.g., Wayne Root’s wedding anecdotes, but where ONLY the unvaccinated were dying and injured).

This is a partial list of Canadian doctor deaths. I’m sure there will be more in the comments.

The key point is the sheer number of events are simply too high in the doctor category alone. These doctors all dying shortly after the jab suggests a most likely hypothesis be that the jab killed them, e.g., by accelerating their existing medical condition, or creating a new medical condition, or by a mysterious sudden death.

So while it could be that one or maybe two of the deaths were just coincidences, odds are that the rest were not. This sort of pattern has not happened before.

Science is about figuring out which hypothesis is a better match to the data. For the data I’m seeing, it’s always that the vaccines are too unsafe to use.


I have yet to see an anecdote that is the mirror image of Wayne Root’s anecdote where it is only the unvaxxed getting injured and dying in a randomly matched group. If you got one, let me know in the comments!
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Post Wed, Aug 10 2022, 2:12 pm
Saudi ambassador falls and dies instantly in public view
Yet another death in plain sight. These deaths are common after the "safe and effective" COVID vaccines rolled out. Reality: you increase your risk of injury/death by over 20X.

Steve Kirsch
Aug 10

Check out the video in this tweet before Twitter has it removed. Only 32 views!

This was caught on video, but most of these incidents aren’t.

This is what is causing the massive numbers of unusual accidents (such as car accidents, swimming deaths, etc).

The Saudi ambassador, Muhammad al-Qahtani, fell and died during a speech at a conference in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in which he praised president A-Sisi and described him as "the dean of humanity.
We’ve seen this before. It only started happening after the vaccines rolled out.

And this video of Heather McDonald

The health authorities will never figure out the connection with the vaccine because doing so would make them look bad.
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 7:15 am
By Zachary Stieber August 11, 2022 Updated: August 11, 2022

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is admitting it gave false information about COVID-19 vaccine surveillance, including inaccurately saying it conducted a certain type of analysis over one year before it actually did.
The false information was conveyed in responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the results of surveillance, and after the CDC claimed COVID-19 vaccines are being monitored “by the most intense safety monitoring efforts in U.S. history.”

“CDC has revisited several FOIA requests and as a result of its review CDC is issuing corrections for the following information,” a CDC spokeswoman told The Epoch Times in an email.

No CDC employees intentionally provided false information and none of the false responses were given to avoid FOIA reporting requirements, the spokeswoman said.

Heart Inflammation
The Epoch Times in July submitted a FOIA, or a request for non-public information, to the CDC for all reports from a team that was formed to study post-vaccination heart inflammation by analyzing reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a system run by the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The CDC not only said that the team did not conduct any abstractions or reports through October 2021, but that “an association between myocarditis and mRNA COVID-19 vaccination was not known at that time.”

That statement was false.

Clinical trials of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines detected neither myocarditis nor pericarditis, two types of heart inflammation. But by April 2021, the U.S. military was raising the alarm about post-vaccination heart inflammation, and by June 2021, the CDC was publicly acknowledging a link.

The CDC previously corrected the false statement but did not say whether its teams had ever analyzed VAERS reports.

“In reference to myocarditis abstraction from VAERS reports—this process began in May 2021 and continues to this date,” the CDC spokeswoman said in an email.

The CDC has still not released the results of analyses.

Data Mining
The CDC promised in January 2021 that it would perform a specific type of data mining analysis on VAERS reports called Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR). But when Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit, asked for the results, the CDC said that “no PRRs were conducted by the CDC” and that data mining “is outside of th[e] agency’s purview.”

Asked for clarification, Dr. John Su, who heads the CDC’s VAERS team, told The Epoch Times in an email that the CDC started performing PRRs in February 2021, “and continues to do so to date.”

The CDC is now saying that both the original response and Su’s statement were false.

The agency didn’t start performing PRRs until March 25, 2022, the CDC spokeswoman said. The agency stopped performing them on July 31, 2022.

The spokeswoman said it “misinterpreted” both Children’s Health Defense and The Epoch Times.

Children’s Health Defense had asked for the PRRs the CDC had performed from Feb. 1, 2021, through Sept. 30, 2021. The Epoch Times asked if the response to the request was correct.

The spokeswoman said the CDC thought “data mining” referred only to Empirical Bayesian (EB) data mining, a different type of analysis that the Food and Drug Administration has promised to perform on VAERS data.

“The notion that the CDC did not realize we were asking about PRRs but only data mining in general is simply not credible, since our FOIA request specifically mentioned PRRs and their response also mentioned that they did not do PRRs. They did not say ‘data mining in general,'” Josh Guetzkow, a senior lecturer at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem who has been working with Children’s Health Defense, told The Epoch Times via email.

“There is also no credible reason why they waited until March 25, 2022, to calculate PRRs, unless it was in response to our initial FOIA filed in December 2021, which was rejected on March 25, 2022—shortly after they say they began their calculations. It means the CDC was not analyzing VAERS for early warning safety signals for well over a year after the vaccination campaign began—which still counts as a significant failure,” he added.

The CDC has also not released the results of the PRRs. “PRR results were generally consistent with EB data mining, revealing no additional unexpected safety signals. Given it is a more robust data mining technique, CDC will continue relying upon EB data mining at this time,” the agency spokeswoman said.

The FDA has told The Epoch Times it conducted EB data mining but the agency has declined to share the results.
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 7:17 am
This was sent to me by Chananya Weissman:

Here is a report from America's Frontline Doctors on the Soros-backed injection campaign targeting Baltimore's Orthodox Jews: https://americasfrontlinenews......oros.
Here is more leaked footage of Soros-backed operatives, who pose as trusted community leaders, conspiring to manipulate the Jews of Baltimore to take the accursed shots:


One of the operatives, Yehuda "Jason" Cohen, followed up on his earlier concern that bribing doctors and religious organizations to promote the shots, and reluctant individuals to take the shots, would cause a sense of distrust among the very people they were trying to manipulate.

In other words, the concern about bribing people to promote and to take injections of the accursed shots wasn't halachic/moral in nature, but that it might be an unwise strategy. This is how the"community leaders" who influence and manipulate the Jewish people talk about us among themselves.

Dr. Jane Zucker, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, hemmed and hawed for a full 30 seconds. Finally she managed a fumbling, deer-in-headlights response : “there was no question that vaccines stalled, and when incentives started being offered, vaccination did pick up....so I think just as a strategy I think it did in part what it was intended to do, you know, to improve vaccination. Now whether or not there's gonna be a cost for that...in terms of the trust, I think that's an additional, I think that's an important issue.”

In plain English: It's more important to coerce more Jews to take the shots even if it means losing trust. Getting more needles in the arms of Orthodox Jews however possible is the most important thing. The only question is the best strategy to deploy in achieving this mission.

It should have been obvious all along that the Jewish organizations and community leaders pushing the shots are not people of integrity, but modern day mosrim and Judenrat. They have been collaborating with our greatest enemies in exchange for money and prestige, parlaying our natural trust in people “who look like us” to kosher up shots that no person in their right mind would ever take.

Their concern is not for your health and wellbeing – it never was – but whether or not they are getting enough value in return for the amount of trust their are forfeiting.

How much trust is worth sacrificing to get more Jews to take the accursed shots? Is the number of Jews we will get now worth the loss of trust, the increased risk of losing control over the trusting sheep?

That is the question that plagued the Soros-backed mosrim and Judenrat of Baltimore.

More is on the way.




Download Tovim Ha-Shenayim as a PDF for free!

If you received this from someone else and want to receive future articles directly, please send a request to endthemadness@gmail.com.
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 7:25 am
Previous email from Weissman:

Watch this 90-second clip and then come back: https://rumble.com/v1fl5z3-it-......html

I apologize for a second email back to back, but this just came in and it needs to be shared as far and wide as possible. A leaked video and investigative work have shown direct links between the propaganda campaign to push the accursed shots on the Jews of Baltimore (and beyond) and the Rockefeller Foundation, Soros, and their ilk. We knew this all along, but here is evidence that cannot be casually dismissed.
Remember this propaganda from the Erev Rav of Baltimore and the Five Towns? https://rumble.com/vlxs8v-rabb......html

It was obvious that this was being funded and scripted from "unsavory" sources, but leaked information shows direct links to the worst of the worst.

"Building trust", "ambassadors", "people who look like me"...

The entire video is available here, and I urge everyone to take the time to watch it in its entirety.

See below for the full report from Emes News. Then share it and DO SOMETHING.

Original source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kplUZOERLINt/

😲 Were you shocked and pained by the infamous “Baltimore Rabbis” video telling everyone to “get vaccinated”, when it was obviously scripted, and the Rabbis clearly did not have medical knowledge or safety data on the vaccines to be making this judgment call medically or Halachically?

Have you been horrified by the Baltimore Bikur Cholim vaccine drive, injecting innocent babies with mRNA gene therapy ClotShots in Nordstrom, and their partners in Jewish Baltimore, who set up vax clinics in Seven Mile Market and wherever else they could find victims? Have you heard about the many vax-injured in Baltimore?

Well, now you finally get to meet the woman who says she is behind the Baltimore Rabbis’ video, and who coordinates much of the poison injections in Baltimore, herself. While she’s not actually Bikur Cholim, she works alongside them, and claims responsibility for the other vax clinics. She is very proud of all the “good work” she’s done, causing so many of our fellow Jews to be injected with the shots.

Meet Laura Kurcfeld. In this video, she lays out her strategy for obtaining the community’s trust and convincing them to vax. Among other things, she has an army of trained volunteers embedded in the community, talking to people they meet. And repeating the message of “safety” again and again until it’s believed.


Laura talks about her “support” (funding) from the City of Baltimore.
In the links at the end of this message, you can learn where this funding originated from. See how the Baltimore Rabbonim covid-jab-video and the other initiatives to vax up Baltimore were actually secretly funded by the Rockefeller and Soros' foundations.

PLEASE EMAIL the following people/organization and express your horror at the destruction wreaked on the community by their actions:
1) Bikur Cholim of Baltimore
2) Rabbi Hopfer, Rav of the Bikur Cholim
VALUE Baltimore funded and scripted the Baltimore Rabbis' video.

"VALUE Baltimore" (Vaccine Acceptance & Access Lives in Unity, Engagement & Education)
is part of BmoreVaxxed.org,
which is part of Baltimore Equitable Vaccination Initiative
which is collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and Baltimore-based stakeholders, anchored by Open Society Institute-Baltimore (OSI), to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines in Baltimore City.

VALUE (Vaccine Acceptance & Access Lives in Unity, Engagement & Education) Baltimore is a public-private partnership of the Baltimore City Health Department, Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center, Morgan State University, Maryland Institute College of Art’s Center for Social Design, and Jhpiego, among others. VALUE works with respected members of Baltimore’s VALUE communities to build trust in the health system, educate the community, and promote unity to combat COVID-19 and other health issues.

BmoreVaxxed.org and its social media channels were created by the Baltimore Equitable Vaccine Initiative (BEVI) to help share accurate, engaging messaging to encourage all eligible Baltimore City residents to get vaccinated. BEVI is a collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and Baltimore-based stakeholders anchored by OSI-Baltimore to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines in Baltimore City. The Baltimore City Health Department, Black Girls Vote, and Baltimore Corps are among BEVI's key communications partners. For more information, email bmorevaxxed@opensocietyfoundations.org.

Open Society Foundations is George Soros. This is coming straight from the top.







Download Tovim Ha-Shenayim as a PDF for free!

If you received this from someone else and want to receive future articles directly, please send a request to endthemadness@gmail.com.
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 12:22 pm
43-Year-Old Medical Doctor, Author and Editor Dies Suddenly After Seizure
By Kristinn Taylor
Published August 12, 2022 at 1:35pm

Medscape editor and author Dr. Bret Stretka, MD, died suddenly after a seizure last week according to his wife. Stretka was 43 years old.

Stretka’s bio at Medscape (excerpt):

Bret S. Stetka, MD

Site Editorial Director: Medscape Neurology, Medscape Psychiatry and Mental Health, Medscape Rheumatology

Bret S. Stetka is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia, and received his BS in biology from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has worked as a writer and editor at Medscape since 2007.

Stetka also contributed to Scientific American and NPR. He was the author of the 2021 book, A History of the Human Brain.

Stretka’s last post on Twitter was July 21 and featured a photo of his young daughter reacting to getting a COVID vaccine shot.

A little disgruntled, but took it like a champ pic.twitter.com/2tw7SjRart

— Bret Stetka (@BretStetka) July 22, 2022

Stretka’s wife, New Yorker writer Amanda Petrusich announced his passing on Twitter and GoFundMe Thursday with an appeal for donations for a college fund for their daughter, “Last week, my husband @BretStetka died suddenly after a seizure at home. He was 43; we’d been married 17 years. Our daughter just turned 1. My family set up a college fund for anyone who might wish to make a donation in Bret’s memory. Love to you all.”

Last week, my husband @BretStetka died suddenly after a seizure at home. He was 43; we’d been married 17 years. Our daughter just turned 1. My family set up a college fund for anyone who might wish to make a donation in Bret’s memory. Love to you all. https://t.co/aTHs9Xr6yX

— Amanda Petrusich (@amandapetrusich) August 11, 2022

Excerpt from the GoFundMe appeal (bold added):

Late last week, Bret Stetka, my husband and partner of seventeen years, died suddenly after having a seizure at home. He was forty-three years old. Our daughter, Nico, just turned one.

Over the last few (impossible, surreal) days, many of you have asked — so kindly — if there’s somewhere you can make a donation in Bret’s memory. We don’t yet know exactly what killed him, so I’ve been grasping to name a foundation in the strange and terrifying fog of his passing. What I do know is that Bret was brilliant, a true intellectual, a neuroscientist, someone who thought and wrote so deeply and intensely about humankind. From the moment Nico arrived, he was gearing up to teach his daughter everything he knew, and he knew everything: how to play drums and guitar and piano, how to make jokes, how our brains and bodies work, what stars are, how to tie her little shoes, how to roast a chicken, how to plant a garden, how to love freely and purely and without expectation. He couldn’t wait for her to start learning about all the wild and beautiful miracles of the world. I’ve set up a 529 fund for Nico’s education, which she will be able to access later on for whatever kind of school she chooses; my family and I are asking that in lieu of flowers etc. any donations be directed to her there, via GoFundMe…

Kristinn Taylor
More Info Recent Posts Contact
Kristinn Taylor has contributed to The Gateway Pundit for over ten years. Mr. Taylor previously wrote for Breitbart, worked for Judicial Watch and was co-leader of the D.C. Chapter of FreeRepublic.com. Mr. Taylor studied journalism in high school, visited the Newseum and once met David Brinkley. Mr. Taylor is on Twitter
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 12:27 pm
Djokovic Forced Out of Tennis Tournament by Biden Ban on Unvaxed Travellers
DjokovicPEDJA MILOSAVLJEVIC/AFP via Getty Images
CINCINNATI (AP) – Novak Djokovic pulled out of next week’s hard-court tournament in Cincinnati on Friday because he has not gotten any COVID-19 vaccine shots and so is not allowed to travel to the United States.

That is also why Djokovic is not expected to be able to enter the U.S. Open, the year’s last Grand Slam tournament, which begins in New York on Aug. 29.

Djokovic is a 35-year-old from Serbia who owns 21 major championships, one behind Rafael Nadal for the men’s record. Djokovic has said he won’t get vaccinated against the illness caused by the coronavirus, even if that prevents him from playing in certain tournaments. He missed the Australian Open in January after being deported from that country and needed to sit out two events in the United States earlier this year, along with a tournament in Montreal this week.

Unvaccinated foreign citizens can’t go to Canada or the U.S. currently; the Cincinnati tournament’s news release announcing Djokovic’s withdrawal cited “travel restrictions.”

Djokovic has said he was still holding out hope of being able to enter the U.S. Open, but that would require a change of government policy, which the U.S. Tennis Association says it will adhere to.

Djokovic is a three-time champion at the U.S. Open and was the runner-up last year to Daniil Medvedev.

Other men who have withdrawn from the field in Cincinnati include defending champion Alexander Zverev – the 2020 U.S. Open runner-up tore ankle ligaments at the French Open in June – and injured players Gael Monfils, Reilly Opelka, Oscar Otte and Dominic Thiem. Australian Open finalist Danielle Collins pulled out of the women’s draw because of a neck injury, while three-time major champion Angelique Kerber made a scheduling change and opted not to compete in Cincinnati.

Serena Williams is entered in the field for what is expected to be one of her last appearances on tour.

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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 12:43 pm
Subclinical Myocarditis: The Silent Killer
"There is no heart damage that's mild or inconsequential."

The Vigilant Fox
Aug 13


Coming up on two years post-vaccine rollout, we’ve seen this phenomenon where healthy, young athletes in peak physical condition are collapsing on the pitch at unprecedented rates.

In an interview with ex-The Hill contributor Kim Iversen, Dr. Peter McCullough fills us in on why this is happening. In short, subclinical myocarditis. Or myocarditis that has ‘flown under the radar’ that hasn’t been detected by a physical examination, laboratory test, or otherwise.

“Subclinical is very, very important,” Dr. McCullough explains.

“That means American children who are getting the vaccine, some of them have no symptoms, yet they're sustaining heart damage. Because the vaccines are brand new, we don't have any assurances on long-term safety.”

Now, what was the background rate of myocarditis before and after vaccine rollout?
“Myocarditis [was] very rare before COVID-19 vaccination; it could happen. The background rate of with parvovirus or Coxsackievirus is about four cases per million per year. Our initial CDC estimates, again, because they didn’t know the cohort — they estimated 62 cases per million. And then a case series was published by Sharff & Colleagues from Kaiser Permanente, and they had the number up to 500 plus cases per million.”

Wow. 500 cases per million? This ‘rare’ illness, as ‘the experts’ like to say, of myocarditis is not so rare anymore if 1 in 2000 people are getting this condition.

Nor is it ‘mild,’ as Dr. McCullough details.

“I can tell you as a cardiologist, heart damage causes scarring, and when there’s a scar, that’s a setup for an abnormal heart rhythm, and that abnormal heart rhythm can lead to a cardiac arrest.

The reason why myocarditis is so important in children is that when there’s superimposed adrenaline and noradrenaline in exercise, it is the trigger for cardiac arrest.

And it may explain why we’ve seen scores of athletes die on the field or die during training or other events because it’s subclinical myocarditis, and then superimposed adrenaline surge.”

So I can tell you, as a cardiologist, we take this degree of heart damage seriously. There is no heart damage that’s mild or inconsequential. And there are papers now by Jenna Schauer showing it doesn’t go away.

So I can tell you, as a doctor, in children, the COVID-19 vaccines are not medically necessary. They’re not clinically indicated. So I think Denmark’s got it right. They should withdraw all vaccination for young people.”

Absolutely. There is no logical explanation for injecting a young and healthy person with a virtual ZERO percent chance of a severe outcome to allow them to play Russian Roulette, risking their bodies for a greater than 1 in 2000 chance of myocarditis.

Want to hear more from Dr. McCullough? Listen to what he has to say about the pneumococcal and flu injections.

"I'm Dropping Them!" - Dr. Peter McCullough Turns Vaccine Skeptic
Withdraws all support for the pneumococcal and flu shots.

The Vigilant Fox
Jul 7
In an interview on CHD.TV, Dr. Peter McCullough joined Dr. Paul Thomas on 'Against the Wind.'

Dr. Thomas explained that he's dealt with vaccine side effects as a pediatrician and started witnessing the industry's harm two decades ago.

He asks Peter, "You hadn't been, I don't think in your typical world, having to worry about that, and then all of a sudden, you try to do the right thing and what have you experienced and how have you handled that as somebody who was so at the top of your field?"

Dr. McCullough responds, "I could tell you through the course of my career, my personal life, I never questioned vaccines. I assumed they were safe and effective; it wasn't my area of research.

And when I was asked to support a vaccine, like the 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine in adult medicine, I did so. Or when I was asked to take the influenza vaccine, I did so, but since all of this has happened, Paul, I've actually called to question even those vaccines.

And on my Twitter feed, @P_McCulloughMD, I just present the data, the publications. The vaccine efficacy for the 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine, in terms of protection against hospitalization and death, is 9%, Paul. Nine!"

Chuckling at the figure, Dr. Thomas states, "I am not surprised by that. The strains have changed anyway."

Well, actually, as explained by Dr. McCullough, "That's even through the period of time when it should have covered."

He then moves on to the less-than-desirable results of the flu vaccine.

"The vaccine efficacy for this year's influenza vaccine, which I took last year, 16%, Paul."

Abysmal results. Now, what is the conventional standard for calling something a vaccine? Dr. McCullough breaks it down.

"Standard conventional acceptance criteria, something that would be acceptable that you would actually consider [recommending or taking], would be at least 50% vaccine efficacy and should last at least a year.

So these are nowhere close to being acceptable products in modern medicine. And those are just two that people would consider uncontroversial, but you know, what? Doctors' lives and our knowledge and our analyses of things change as the science changes, and based on those contemporary results, I'm dropping them! They're no longer supportable to me, for my practice for myself."

Great to see Dr. McCullough coming around to this issue. To see the full interview, follow the link below.

Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex With Dr. Peter McCullough – Against the Wind [VIDEO INTERVIEW] End of Quote

I am proud to announce that I have left my day job to become an independent reporter! If you want to help keep this operation afloat, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

More video work is available at https://rumble.com/c/VigilantFox.
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 2:37 pm
I just posted this on my local email group:

I would like to make something very clear.
I do all this posting about vaccine side effects and the evil that is so pervasive in the world today. Annoying, right?

I don't do this to be liked or accepted in the community.
I don't do this because I get a kick from making people angry or to get them to pick fights with me or even argue about how absolutely virtuous the pharmaceutical companies are for manufacturing products that our governments attempt to force us into using without informed consent.

I don't do this to get people to feel insecure about choices they made.

I have taken alot of resistance, pushback, censoring (on groups that don't belong to me) and I have been smeared and insulted publicly. Repeatedly.

Know what?

I don't care.

I do what I do because the voice of Emes inside of me keeps bubbling up to the surface and I have to spread the truth in order to prevent people from allowing themselves and their children to get hurt even more. This is my mission.

I'm not worried that this will harm my kids' shidduch opportunities. I'm not worried that people won't like me. I just need to do the right thing.

It's important to know what really transpired. Who was/is behind it and how it happened that so many good, holy, smart people were duped in such a nefarious way. It's important to know because it is not over. The powers of the Sitra Achra in the world are not finished with us yet. Amalek wants to destroy us (and a large part of mankind) and we have to remain alert and on guard, lest we get lulled into a sense of complacence and fall for their tricks again. ( Do you know that many countries paid a boatload of money to Israeli Professor Dan Arielly who taught them how to infiltrate and influence every society, like the Charedim, for example? Yep. All planned and carried out to perfection. Find the influencers (in our case Rabbi Firer, I suspect) and once they are on board the rest will come. Which is exactly what happened). By the way, I no longer believe that Rabbi So and So said X unless I or my husband hears it directly from said Rabbi's mouth. Not in a recording. Not on a video. Today there is so much technology available to make things appear one way when they are completely not true. And what is very disturbing is that many of us no longer have access to our holy leaders anymore, as they become surrounded by gabbaim and people who do not always have the holiest of motives. These are the very difficult to accept facts of life. And this is also part of Hashem's plan, I guess.

This is why I harp on who was responsible for spreading the falsehoods ("safe proven and effective") and how it came about. We need to understand what happened in order to recognize it when it begins to happen again.
And that is why I will bli neder not stop. I will keep publicizing as much as I can. If I can prevent one person from succumbing to the pressure and taking another shot or hurting their child, it is worth it.

I see my role as someone who provides information to make people THINK about these issues. To quote the tzadik Dr. Zev Zelenko z"l, "Don't' believe anything I say. Do your own research". He also said "This is a hill worth dying on" when asked whether he wasn't afraid someone would try to harm him because he was so outspoken.

If I talk about Big Pharma controlling the FDA, CDC and NIH it's because the proof is out there for all to see All you have to do is investigate and research. If you have no time, you are welcome to count on MY research. But you certainly can't just shoot down everything I say without backing it up with proof. I bring sources. I don't need to duke it out till someone wins the "argument". It doesn't matter to me. All that matters is that I do my hishtadlus and get the information out there..

I heard something that resonated from Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Smith on the August 4 program (really worth watching). He said that Amalek is trying to sow the seeds of despair and despondency in us. Nuclear war, Monkeypox, food shortages etc. etc.. Our job is to sow the seeds of HOPE. Because we yidden know that Hashem is running the show and ultimately our yeshua will come from Him. He mentioned that was say "Hope springs eternal". Hope is like a spring that gushes up and it must spring up from WITHIN us. I found this heartening because the sheker is so prevalent and loud in the world today. I don't trust almost anyone anymore because there is so much sheker and there are so many ulterior motives that come into play. The good part is that we can mamash see that Moshiach is getting closer, as things get worse and worse. This is all part of Hashem's plan and we know He has our back! (and front and everything else).

We just need to hang on to Emes. And may Hashem give us the strength and fortitude to withstand everything that is happening now and heading our way.

Shavua Tov.
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 4:48 pm
This is a two hour documentary which tells the entire story.
If you want to educated yourself, watch it. If you would rather not know the uncomfortable truth -don't.

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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 8:50 pm
Chossidmom, one like is not enough for your email, kol hakavod. Your inner strength and character are very admirable.
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 8:53 pm
Soros fingerprints all over it…?!?!
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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 12:08 pm
BTW Jowma is one of the sponsors of all the vaccine ads in Mishapacha and other Jewish publications.

From Chananya Weissman:

JOWMA, a front organization that has relentlessly assaulted the Orthodox Jewish world with vaccine propaganda and messages that are antithetical to the Torah, has quietly removed their COVID-19 propaganda from their site. It was previously found at https://jowma.org/covid19, but now that page has been wiped clean. The material is still archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20.....id19.

I exposed JOWMA in great detail nearly a year ago at https://chananyaweissman.com/a.....d=381 and in episode 12 of my Medical War Crimes series, https://rumble.com/voochv-r-an.....html. These vaccine xxxxxs received massive amounts of funding from unsavory sources to finance their infiltration of the Orthodox world.

Why did JOWMA suddenly remove all their COVID-19 resources? Are they feeling some heat? Did their sugar daddies realize this particular jig is up?

A glorified sales agent for big pharma, Dr. Ellie Carmody of JOWMA, was all over the Jewish media pushing vaccine propaganda. In one interview, mentioned in my article, she promoted mandating vaccines (in other words, forcing people to take them) and denied that this was a religious issue. Carmody was a member of JOWMA's now-defunct COVID-19 “task force”, the only member with any relevant training (it was headed by a psychologist and featured four Pre-Med students – experts indeed).

I will soon be posting a bombshell recording of Ellie Carmody expressing serious reservations about the covid death shots that she never intended for us to hear.

Expel the Erev Rev and Amalek from our midst.
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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 12:22 pm
Leaked Ellie Carmody video:

Exclusive leaked video: Doctor pushing COVID shots on religious Jewish children admits lack of confidence in jab
Posted by Eliyahu Tulshinski

Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Caught plotting with NYC health official to improve her 'pitch'
Exclusive leaked video: Doctor pushing COVID shots on religious Jewish children admits lack of confidence in jab
Leaked video conference call not meant for public consumption
Doctors privately acknowledge children with previous positive PCR tests not at risk; jabs "less effective”
Still, continue pushing shots
by Rabbi Chananya Weissman

Dr. Ellie Carmody, of the Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association (JOWMA) front organization, has been a fierce proponent of vaccines. In a letter to Mishpacha Magazine in 2019, in protest of an article that raised religious and health concerns about mandating the HPV vaccine for Orthodox Jewish children, Carmody wrote "the proposed mandate for HPV vaccination is a public health measure and not a religious issue particular to the Orthodox community. Like mandated child car seats and house lead inspections, it is simply about the safety of our children in a world that we cannot predict".

Sanitized website

This was merely a warm-up for the COVID shots, which JOWMA relentlessly pushed with advertising in Orthodox Jewish media, community events, and culturally tailored propaganda. Carmody played a prominent role in this propaganda campaign. She served as a board member of JOWMA's Covid-19 “task force” (all mention of which has since been scrubbed from their site, though their archived material can still be found here.)

Also missing from their website is the below guidance they once posted for children under 12, claiming 91% vaccine efficacy and no life threatening side effects.

What side effects?

In one interview on the popular Nachum Segal radio program (one of nine separate interviews Segal conducted with JOWMA/PHARMA operatives), Carmody and Segal mocked the crazy notion that the Covid shots could cause serious reactions. The interview is still available here. And here is a promotional video of Carmody and other JOWMA operatives, all using their orthodox appearances to push the shots on their community.

In light of this, a recently obtained recording of Dr. Carmody is downright explosive. In a conference call with Dr. Jane Zucker, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Carmody expressed serious concerns about her ability to continue pushing the Covid shots on 5-year-olds.


Leaked: Dr. Ellie Carmody of JOWMA doesn't believe her own sales pitch
Carmody acknowledged the fact that people with prior infection (natural immunity) were at very low risk of serious illness, and that the Covid shots were proven to be “less effective” against the so-called “Omicron variant”.

If I have that lack of confidence in my own pitch, then I don't know what to do

Carmody, visibly rattled, then said the following: “Yet we're really asking people with prior Covid to vaccinate their kids. It's really challenging, and I don't have answers, and I don't know if it's – if I have that lack of confidence in my own pitch, then I don't know what to do as a provider.”

One of the most outspoken vaccine-pushers in the Jewish world, who had mocked and defamed those who had doubts about vaccines in general and the Covid shots in particular, was now confiding to a superior that she herself lacked confidence in her own sales pitch!

Was this a small flicker of conscience emerging from the depths of Ellie Carmody? A pang of guilt?

Of course not. Carmody was not at all concerned about the ramifications of pushing shots on children that provided dubious benefits at best, with all the needless risks and unknowns involved. She had no intention of informing the parents who trusted her “expertise” and Jewish appearance, that the Covid shots were far less beneficial, advisable, or necessary than she had previously claimed. That was not for public consumption.

She was concerned only with the effectiveness of her sales pitch. The car salesman hawking jalopies was seeing a decline in sales and consumer confidence, and needed some tips to keep moving the product. This was not a meeting of doctors to share medical knowledge and better serve their patients, but to share propaganda tips and better serve their patrons.

“What would help you?” asked Dr. Zucker. In other words, how can I help you continue pushing Covid shots on children, even though your belief in the shots is badly shaken?

Just say it works

Carmody was searching for something, some morsel of data, that she could use to sell the shots to children. Maybe there is a decrease in the risk of hospitalization for children who were infected and later took the shots?

“I don't know that,” admitted Zucker in a fumbling reply.

I can't say that. You know, what I can say is that I wouldn't be worried about the safety of the vaccine in those kids...and we're going to see a boost in the immune response based on everything we know, from vaccination, in terms of having increased protection. That we know. Like, there's some things we know, there's some things we don't know.

In other words, just tell parents that the shots are safe and they will add protection to children – even though the former is entirely speculative, the latter is something they no longer believed based on the data, and there was so much they still didn't know.

Doctors who care about the health and lives of their patients would be loath to advise medical treatments under such circumstances. But for these people, the “doctor” part is a front, a side gig at best. Their main job is manipulating people to take the shots – no matter what it takes.


Rabbi Chananya Weissman's work can be found at chananyaweissman.com and rumble.com/c/c-782463.

See also:

Report: Baltimore Jewish community injection campaign administered by George Soros

Front groups: Unmasking JOWMA – the ‘Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association’
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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 1:09 pm
Important video of a frum bubby discussing fertility issues :

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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 7:07 pm
She (Carmody) really looks very disturbed on the video. She looks like she is almost at a tipping point, suspecting that all is not well. Yes, she finished speaking, yes, she asked now how do I do that. But I am reading the emotion on her face. This isn't sitting well. Some of the book smartest people are also the most gullible and trusting.
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Post Wed, Aug 17 2022, 10:08 am
Recently, Mishpacha published an article about "Long Covid" where, if I remember correctly, they atribute all the tzoros to "long covid" without referring at all to the vaccine. They even recommend taking another booster to help with the symptoms Can't Believe It
Brucha Weisberger wrote them the following letter (which they will undoubtedly NOT publish):

Letter sent to Mishpacha magazine:

Regarding your “long covid”/Covid vaccine article


Dear Editor,
It is hard to describe my shock at seeing your promotion of the deadly COVID-19 ClotShot to the Jewish people - still! As the world learns more and more about the harms daily, and distrust in the “vaccine” becomes mainstream, you still advocate it! As fathers and mothers, and young men and women are taken from us due to “sudden” heart attacks and strokes, not a word of caution or warning from you. Just - “get vaccinated!”

Do you even understand what you are doing and how much blood you have on your hands?

I and some other people I know are addresses for covid vaccine injured in the frum community. I get new stories on a daily basis. Many people are suffering indescribably, and their lives have been destroyed as a result of the covid shots (if they’re still alive.)

Where do you get your information from? The discredited CDC, who just walked back their unscientific directives that needlessly destroyed countless lives for two and a half years?
Or from “trusted” doctors who do none of their own independent research but blindly worship and follow CDC directives?
Or perhaps from Google?

The reason I suspect Google as the source of your guidance is from my unfortunate experience with you in January, when I ran an online training event for physicians in the frum community to learn how to treat covid effectively, with the safe, decades-old medications and vitamins (over the counter in many countries) which have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Note that I personally am part of a team of volunteers that guides people to be able to find early treatment. I KNOW it works. Everyone gets better, b’Chasdei Hashem, and no one is harmed from the treatment. Early treatment literally saves virtually every life. Anyone who starts proper treatment immediately upon having symptoms (testing is irrelevant) will not end up on a ventilator, no matter how old they are or what their preexisting conditions are.

Baruch Hashem, I have close relationships with some of the brilliant doctors who save every covid patient who comes to them early enough, and who are sought-after speakers worldwide. I wanted to have them reach our doctors and teach them how to save lives - both early treatment and late treatment, in the ICU.
They agreed happily.
I had two top world Covid treatment doctors AND two of the world’s top ICU doctors there to teach our community and save lives.

Their treatments even save many advanced covid patients who would otherwise die.

And you, Mishpacha, REFUSED to print the ad. It was reported to me that the decision came from your Rabbi, and that you said “they are fringe doctors promoting non standard treatments.”

Was it Google that told you that these doctors and their lifesaving treatments are “fringe”?

Are you aware of the huge financial entanglements involved here, in which the extremely powerful parent companies who own the pharmaceutical companies which manufacture the covid vaccines - and would lose their revenue if there were widely known cures for covid - also own big tech and media, and control the narrative?

My doctors’ training event happened, but not with the doctors who would have attended had you promoted it. You are responsible for any lives lost to covid as a result of doctors who could have learned to treat properly and save lives, had you run the ad, but they did not, because you anointed yourselves medical experts to decide which treatments are “acceptable”, based on biased, faulty sources of information.

I would go much further and say that had you run articles promoting early treatment the way you promoted the “vaccine”, ”al pi derech hateva”, many more people would be alive today and with their families.

And had you not run the despicable JOWMA advertisements for the vaccine, many fewer people would have been harmed and killed.

Had you actually thought for yourselves and discussed the “other side” - the dangers of the new covid shots, which so many world renowned scientists were desperately warning us of - you could have saved so many lives.
But no, you have your trusted sources. Google? A select few trusted doctors, who regurgitate CDC dogma?

Surely, these sources are feeding you a continuous stream of positivity about the covid shots. But whatever happened to journalism? Why don’t you ever present a questioning side?
Whatever happened to a natural skepticism and suspicion of a brand new gene based therapy?
Whatever happened to “a Yiddishe kup”?

I know this letter sounds harsh - but we are in the midst of a Holocaust.
And instead of warning us about it, you led us into it.

It is time to WAKE UP.
Do independent research. Publish the truth, and retract last week’s awful article urging “vaccination”.

You can find a tremendous amount of material on my site, truth613.substack.com.

May Hashem have mercy and give you the opportunity to do Teshuva.
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Post Thu, Aug 18 2022, 11:22 am
I am shocked. Dan bongino has dan Horowitz from conservative review c19truthbombs on telegram.
He’s talking about stats out of Germany and the implications and conclusions are terrifying.
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