Dd first period 11.9 years old!!!!
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Post Tue, Jun 28 2022, 8:10 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Thank you all once again. I went from a panicked mom to a calm one thanks to you all. Since I suffered socially as a child, I always blamed my neglected oblivious look for it. When I see dd with pimples I think help will she have friends. When I see her taking pads, I see a little me cluelessly wearing the same one all day and having to borrow one from friends. I remember the whole class going swimming whilst I sat at the side watching cos I had my period..poor little me. dd is bH so much more carefree and happier than I was as a child bH!!..I need a lot of inner child work. I thought Ill have myself sorted by time my dd gets to teenage years and suddenly shes reached this milestone. I feel Im still this sad desperate teenager, still looking for reassurance and guidance.

The fact that you all calmed me down that 11.9 is normal made me feel so much better

you sound like a great mom that your daughter didn't pick up your panicky feelings.
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Post Tue, Jun 28 2022, 9:47 pm
So funny cuz I got my period at close to 15 and my mom was freaking out before I got it. she could not understand what was taking so long. She was convinced I would never be able to have children and thus never be able to get married. She dragged me around to doctors and for tests, all because of anxiety. She probably would have been thrilled for me to get a period at 11
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Post Tue, Jun 28 2022, 11:28 pm
Look into various teas like raspberry leaf.

Also I’ve heard about evening primrose oil.
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