I have covid and my ear is hurting
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Post Wed, Jun 29 2022, 8:12 pm
amother [ Daphne ] wrote:
I was referring to the doctor wearing the mask and following the protocols for when treating patients with contagious diseases. Is covid the first catchy illness out there? Does every person with a contagious illness not get seen by a doctor?

Actually this is nothing new.

When I had chicken pox the doctor wouldn't allow me in his office. Same with others that I know.
I wonder if I had measles if my doc would let me come in... somehow I doubt it
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Post Wed, Jun 29 2022, 8:41 pm
amother [ Mayflower ] wrote:
OP said her ears hurt. It might just be sinus pressure. Or she might have an ear infection. You don't think it makes sense for a doctor to whip out his otoscope and check her ears? Or should he just say "what the heck, I'll call in some antibiotics for you to take regardless."

P.S... Before Covid did you ever hear of a doctor saying a patient can't come in with a cold or flu? Why is this being treated differently? This isn't March 2020 when we thought dead bodies were going to line the street. We know what we're dealing with now. There is no cause to act so cowardly. It is absolutely not okay.

The dr can figure it out... no worries
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