When I marinate salmon before baking, tops looks red and raw

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Post Sun, Jul 10 2022, 8:56 am
When I marinate salmon before baking (with honey and soy sauce), the tops of salmon look red and raw, like lox.

Why would that be?

It tasted fine, it just looked ugly.

I think Ill try the same recipe for baked salmon, without marinating next time.
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Post Sun, Jul 10 2022, 9:14 am
How long did you marinate.

When you "marinate" especially with certain ingredients, the fish changes texture even though there is no "heat" cooking it.

That is why ceviche has a different texture than sushi and why lox or smoked salmon have a different texture than raw salmon.

If you marinate fish, you should do it for a relatively short period of time so that the flesh doesn't start "cooking".
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Post Sun, Jul 10 2022, 9:15 am
Marinating fish kind of cooks it similar to ceviche. It changes the texture and that's why it looks this way. Don't marinate longer than 20 min.
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Post Sun, Jul 10 2022, 11:03 am
Acid based marinades that have lemon juice or vinegar in them shouldn't be left on salmon for too long. If you want to keep the salmon really soft, spritz lemon or lime juice after baking. If you have no problem with the taste just don't like the look, sprinkle the salmon with something on top of the marinade. Toasted sesame seeds, toasted sliced almonds, chopped dill, very thinly sliced and salted purple onion, chopped dried herbs - herbes de Provence add a nice flavor. I sometimes use a mixture of chopped fresh dill and thin sliced almonds.
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