How to transition the kids when we leave the house

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Post Sun, Jul 17 2022, 10:22 am
my kids are 10,7, 3 and 5. sometime I need to leave the house after kids come home from camp or school during the year. I try not to go out during the week but sometimes it an emergency with no warning. I need the kids to listen and go into the car right away but its such a struggle. 10 year old where are you going maybe I could continue playing with the neighbor. or Ma wait for me I'm coming along with you. If I don't give advanced warning she's all insulted jealous of her siblings and feels abandoned. the younger ones if they are playing they want to end their game wait I just have to say goodbye to my dolls. if they don't cleanup I could forget about the room getting clean when we come home. If I tell the. to go to the bathroom they tell me they do t have to go or first they need to end the game but every so often I have a kid that gets into the car that needs to go so badly. My kids in the summer hold themselves in when they are distracted while playing and tend to go the last second. How do you get out fast out of the house mid day?
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Post Sun, Jul 17 2022, 11:00 am
It's really not ok to rip kids from whatever they are doing and expect it to go well. Obviously you know that and avoid it as you mentioned.
If you were to sit them down for a family meeting and discuss it all it would definitely help. First explain to them that you have no choice. Show them you care etc. Tell them you feel bad and want to discuss it. Let them air their grievances. Then go through the pitfalls and ask them if they have any ideas how to make it work out better in the future.
You'd be surprised with how much insight even your 3 year old will have when you give them the respect towards their needs and allow them to communicate.
When they see you care they will make their best efforts.
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Post Sun, Jul 17 2022, 11:26 am
What you are describing is not a "transition" it's called "let's leave now"--a transition is a smooth process that can take 10mins-30 mins.

I live in a place where I can leave my 10year+kids home and not worry.

Bathroom, I always say "go anyway, it's something we do before leaving the house"

But yea what you describe I try to avoid it whenever possible.
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