Attention 5ft and under
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Post Tue, Jul 19 2022, 4:20 am
What style wig do you wear? Only mitpachot, diff styles depending on what mood I'm in.
How much to you weigh? Around 130lbs
What style clothing do you wear? Tznius clothing. I'm not into fashion. Comfortable and tzanua. I don't even know what style you could categorize my clothes into.
Do you feel your second best at times? That has nothing to do with my height, more to do with my crippling low self-esteem, but I'm actually fine with my height. I don't know any different.
Do you wish you were taller? Only when I need to ask people to get things down for me. Having extra long or extendable arms would also do the same thing, though.
Does every bit of gaining weight, show up all over you? Yep. I know people who wear the same size as me but look slim and healthy, but for me it's a short and wide sorta situation.
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