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Post Wed, Jul 20 2022, 12:41 pm
Those that are good at writing please help a terrible writer out, what is this and what topic can I do? For college
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Post Wed, Jul 20 2022, 12:45 pm
Sounds like persuasive writing. Tons of ideas out there, just Google the term and you'll likely get tons of topics. Basically, just arguing for the pros or cons of any opinion topic.
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Post Wed, Jul 20 2022, 1:37 pm
It's "causal" argument, not "casual."

From https://owl.excelsior.edu/argu.....usal/

A causal argument is one that focuses specifically on how something has caused, or has led to, some particular problem. A causal argument answers a how or why question: How did things get to be the way they are? Why did something happen?
Examples of this type of argument might look something like this:
An argumentative essay focused on why the U.S. has a high number of children who are “food insecure”.

An argumentative essay explaining why Facebook remains popular despite privacy complaints.

An argumentative essay exploring the specific causes of climate change.

When writing a causal argument, it’s important to keep your essay focused. You want to be sure to choose a narrow topic, one in which you can trace reasons or a sequence of events clearly and succinctly

The website includes a brief video on how to organize such an essay.

It's NOT arguing pros and cons of anything; it's discussing the WHY or HOW something came to be the way it is, without making any statement about whether it's good or bad.

Your essay doesn't necessarily have to be about something of global significance unless the class is about things of global significance. If it's just a writing class, what the prof wants to see is not how well-versed you are in global politics but how well you write and whether or not you understand what a causal argument is. You can write about something very narrow and personal.

WHY is there a shidduch crisis? or HOW did the shidduch crisis develop?
HOW did the January 6 insurrection happen?
WHY has no one yet thrown Donald Trump into prison?
HOW did my house get so messy?
WHY does my challah always come out so dry?
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Post Wed, Jul 20 2022, 1:39 pm
WHY are people so brainwashed?

HOW does Fake News control what people believe?
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Post Fri, Aug 05 2022, 9:17 am
If this is still relevant, pm me. I tutor essay writing.. etc.
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