Someone once posted a list of segulos

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Post Sun, Jul 31 2022, 8:32 am
I can't find the link to that thread.
I really appreciated it and was slowly adding them. Anyone know what I'm referring to? Was in the last 6 months. Thanks!
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Post Sun, Jul 31 2022, 10:40 am
I don’t know the list, but emuna is what worked for me.

And I don’t know if these fall under the category of segulos, since they’re actual mitzvos, but saying birkas hamazon inside a bencher and being careful with maaser are known to bring bracha with finances.
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Post Sun, Jul 31 2022, 11:15 pm
(I was told not to give maaser now.)
Bumping Because I really liked that list!
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Post Mon, Aug 01 2022, 12:57 am
I'm don't know the post you're referring to but here are a few.

Some have a custom to repeat the prayer of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev, “G-d of Avraham,” three times before making Havdala as a segula for success. Some say that this prayer must be said in Yiddish in order to be effective. Others say that it suffices to say it in Hebrew and to rely on G-d's grace to reward those you worship Him with innocence.

Telling stories of the Baal Shem Tov on Saturday night is a segula for wealth, mercy, and salvation. This segula has been checked and is known to work. In particular, the story about the adventures of the Jew who dug under the bridge should be told. Immediately afterwards, the words Mazal Tov should be said three times, followed by Shir Hamaalot (Psalm 126). Finally, the hands are washed (I.e., the hand washing after the meal known as mayyim acharonim) and Birchat Hamazon is said. All the previous actions must be performed in succession without interruptions.

A segula for obtaining wealth easily is saying “Eliyahu Hanavi” 70 times on every Saturday night. Some say that instead of simply saying “Eliyahu Hanavi,” one must say “Eliyahu Hanavi zachur l'tov” instead. Some say that these words must be said 130 times. One must have the following statement in mind each time these words are said: “You, my G-d, are the embodiment of everlasting Might” (אתה גיבור לעולם, אדוני).

Rabbi Chayim Falacci wrote that reading the Ketoret from a parchment in the script used for writing a sefer Torah is a guarantor for wealth. The reader will be assured of a steady income and well-being." Wealth is acquired by the reciting the Ketoret that follows Shachtharit. Therefore, do not rush out of the synagogue in the morning. Rather, take your time and recite it carefully. Make every effort to recite the Ketoret with sincerity. The degree of sincerity determines the degree of sanctity.

The Melave Malka meal is a segula for financial wellbeing.There is a custom to say Psalm 23 (“A song to David, I lack nothing since G-d is my shepherd”, etc) during a meal after the blessing on the bread as a segula for wealth

The verses v'yiten l'cha (ויתן לך) that are said sometime after the Saturday Evening Prayer are a segula for wealth. Preferably they should be said by two people together. Some have the custom to say it together with the entire family

Other segulot for a person to attain wealth in order to serve G-d are listed at length and in detail in Mizahav Umipaz, p. 246. They include: Reciting Birkat Hamazon joyfully with full intent, verbatim from a text;

to study Torah constantly and with all your energy;

to concentrate with full intent when reciting the pasuk Pote'ach et yadekha in Ashrei every morning and afternoon;

to make sure to eat the fourth meal (Melaveh Malkah after Shabbat) and to make sure to eat bread at that meal;

to make sure to pray every prayer with the minyan;

to recite Parashat HaMan every day, preferably in the form of "twice text and once Targum";t is quite well known that reciting Parshas HaMann (Shemos 16:4-36) is a segula for parnossah . However, one cannot merely receite it by rote. The basis for this segula is bitachon.

to make sure to recite the parashot of the korbanot;

to study Torah and occupy yourself with prayer before sunrise;

to make sure to carefully enunciate the berakhot before and after food
and to have full intent when reciting them;

to increase your Torah study at night and to give up sleep in order to dedicate more time to Torah study;

The Chofetz Chaim says, "If they were to listen to me I would advise them to be more careful from this aveira (Lashon Hara) then all the other aveiros. Then certainly their wealth will be blessed more than any other Segula."

being a sandek is a segula for

to be in good spirits always without worry or sadness;

to always be content and rely on G-d

; to avoid cynicism for that diminishes income;

to be very careful never to get angry because anger prevents wealth;

most of all, to pray to G-d to grant you more than adequate income in a respectable manner, graciously without anguish, in order to be able to serve him and that you not require the assistance of others.
a segula for parnassa for the entire year is for everyone to buy a new knife on erev Rosh HaShana and sharpen it

a segula for wealth is to say the bentching out loud and with joy and to read every word inside)

a segulah for parnassah is learning the maimer of mayim rabim (by the Lubavitcher Rebbe)

aser bishvil sh'tisasher - tithe in order to become wealthy

buying Maftir Yona, Chasan ha'Torah and Chasan Bereishis

"Rabbi Helbo said, 'A man must be always careful with his wife's honor because blessing is found in his home only because of his wife, as the Torah says [Genesis 12], "And [G-d] gave good to Avraham because of her [Sara, his wife]." And, accordingly, Rava said to the men of the town of Mehuza, 'Treat your wives as precious because this is prerequisite to becoming wealthy.'"

Chai Rotel on Lag B'omer

Reciting Perek Shira daily.

Learning Sefer Noam Elimelech.(Sefer Maadinei Melech) Carrying the Original Sefer Noam Elimelech.

Reciting Ingeret HaRamban daily.(Sefer Midrash Pinchas 36)

Reciting the 13 Ikarim.(Sefer Imrei Pinchas)

Learning Zohar daily.(Sefer MIdrash Pinchas 36)

Learning a Perek of Mishnayot a day, is a Segulah for Parnasa. The Gematria of Mishnah is 395, the same as that of Parnasa.(Sefer Imrei Pinchas, as quoted in the Sefer Bitachon VHishtadlut Perek Chaf Gimmel

Heichal Habracha (Komarna) – Anyone who has it in their house will be saved from all bad things, sicknesses and from lacking their needs and the house will be filled with blessings of Hashem and all good, success, wealth and life, for him and children without pause. (Masei Hasheim)

Chovos Halvovos – the Shiniva Rov says learning Shar Habitochon is a segula for parnasa

Rabbeinu Bachye – Reb Dovid Moshe of Chortkov says that learning this is a big segula for parnasa

Covering the hair completely

Getting a well-paying job and not having a lot of expenses
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Post Mon, Aug 01 2022, 1:06 am
1. I was told by someone who heard it directly from Rav Dovid Feinstein ztz"l to try to have someone daven at the kever of the person for whom the person needing the yeshuah is named.

(Was that too convoluted to follow? Let's say your daughter XYZ needs a yeshuah. And she's named for Bubbie XYZ. So send someone to the kever of Bubbie XYZ.)

Of course it's not always possible e.g. someone whose kever isn't accessible etc.

2. It says in Igeres HaRamban that on a day when you learn it your tefilos will be answered.
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Post Mon, Aug 01 2022, 3:00 am
What is "Heichal Habracha (Komarna)?"
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Post Mon, Aug 01 2022, 8:51 am
amother [ Mulberry ] wrote:
What is "Heichal Habracha (Komarna)?"
Commentary on chumash and megillah based on the secrets of the Ari and the Ba'al Shem Tov by Rebbe Ya'akov Yehuda Yechiel Safrin Av Beit Din of Komarno. He gives a special blessing and writes the segulah of his holy books: "…And I assure that anyone who has our Chumash in his home will be preserved from anything bad and any misfortune and illness and lack, and his home will be full with G-d's blessing and all good, success, wealth and long life for himself and his children… with children, life and sustenance and kindness and mercy and scales tipped in his favor and long life".
The Heichal HaBracha Chumashim by the Mahari of Komarno, basic books of Hassidic thought and kabbalah, were very cherished by Rebbes of all circles. https://www.kedem-auctions.com.....h-usa
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Post Mon, Aug 01 2022, 10:59 am
Wow. Thank you!
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