How often does your child call home from sleep away camp?
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Post Tue, Aug 02 2022, 4:48 am
Ds is 15, and this was his 4th summer in camp (only went 1st half). He called at least once a day. He called every night since he can't sleep without knowing how the mets did that night. He called during the day if he needed anything, was bored, or wanted to tell me that he hurt his ankle playing baseball.
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Post Tue, Aug 02 2022, 5:11 am
I have two in camp for the whole summer. Boys age 15 and 13. They call whenever they need something or want more money. That’s about it .
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Post Tue, Aug 02 2022, 5:59 am
My daughters camp allows them to call every Friday. Once in a while they have calling time instead of an activity 1x a week. When she calls on Friday she is very rushed because the whole camp is waiting in line to call. When she calls during the week it’s much better because then it’s only her bunk who has permission to use the phones.
I think they should call home around 3x a week… but no one asked me what I think.
I used to go to a camp that did not allow phone calls at all. I think that’s horrible.
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Post Tue, Aug 02 2022, 6:23 am
Last year was DD's first summer in camp. She called me almost daily. They have much easier access to phones these days, and she's used to talking to me, so she called me alot. I got filled in on everything going on....

...and this year (she went first half) she called me MUCH less. Once or twice a week. She's just a year older, a bit more mature, and handled it better.
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