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Post Wed, Aug 10 2022, 4:14 pm
Hi just had a baby and desperately need activities for my 2 yr old dd and 3.5ys old ds. I am losing my mind, more from ds who is harassing dd and the new baby. I try not to give him any attention for it and focus on praising him for being nice to them but the truth is that he's just very bored. I need things for him to do. He plays well with 2 yr old so activities that can work for both are best.
He loves to do puzzles but that like once or twice a day. I have way more time to kill. He doesn't like coloring or crafts.

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Post Wed, Aug 10 2022, 4:51 pm
Playdough, if your kids won't eat it. Library books on any topics he's interested in (bugs, trucks, animals, whatever) that have great photos in them. CDs (if you have a CD player) of stories or music. Building toys like magnatiles, blocks, duplo, possibly lego if he can manage that. Little cars and trucks, and maybe a garage or a playmat with roads drawn on it for him to use them with. A kitchen set, if he's interested in that. Zingo or similar games-- he's old enough to play them, but your two year old may or may not be able to, depends on her personality and interest. A fake tool set so he can "fix" things around the house. A cheap tent-like toy (or a large cardboard box) for pretend play. Make an obstacle course for him with pillows and things and teach him how to time himself with a stopwatch.

Also, do you know if he's sensory-seeking? If he is, I'd focus on sensory activities if possible. That will also help keep him from bothering/hurting his siblings.
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Post Wed, Aug 10 2022, 5:01 pm
Check out @busytoddler on Instagram’ an account dedicated to entertaining toddlers and @mothercould
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Post Wed, Aug 10 2022, 5:08 pm
Prepare a bunch of busy boxes and pull out as needed. Some ideas https://littlebinsforlittlehan.....ties/
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