Moms of larger families (w young kids)
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 12:20 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
This! Many people will leave their kids with family/friends. While I do bh have great family and friends, leaving my kids is not something I feel right doing. I also have, in the last 14 years had kids too young to leave. Going away w ones husband is not for people who have young kids close in age. It's just the reality.

And just to reiterate. While I'm super happy w my family, I really feel blessed, I wish I could have a little break.

If you desperately need a break and have family that will take your children, then that's what you need to do right now. A burnt out mother is of no advantage to anyone. Going away as a couple can definitely be done if you have young children.
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 12:36 pm
So interesting to read all the responses
I have more than a handful of kids BH BH, I feel so blessed. Oldest is 12. We do have family local who would take my kids. All I want do is stay home. I love my home, my bed, my food ahhhhhh Smile

My husband loves going away with me, so we do leave the kids at family and go away. Usually one night, two days. I can’t bear to leave my kids for longer than that. But if it were up to me, home is where I want to be! Smile
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 12:45 pm
Just want to chime in here, going away with the whole family is beautiful and definitely a change of scenery and change of pace, but it is not what you can call a break/vacation per se for the mother Smile.
However, it can really be nice and even somewhat relaxing at times and as others said creates beautiful memories and IS doable (large family of small kids here). But I wouldn't say to do it too often/not even yearly, doing such every other year or so and I more or less remember only the nice and pleasant parts b'h!!
AIRBNB with some activities nearby and you're good to go!
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 2:32 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Thanks for validating me. That's a good one. My oldest is a boy, should that be part of the "deal" if the girls wants to be my dil? Which, he's only 13, so not happening for a while anyways.

Part of the problem is that my big ones, who are usually my "helpers" are all away. So I'm left w a bunch under age 7.

ETA - the first week might be a bit cruel. Give the young couple 2 weeks to settle in first.

Same here. My big ones are all in camp and I'm left with all the little ones. Dh and I like to go out at night for a walk, to the beach etc but now we can't.
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Post Fri, Aug 12 2022, 4:21 pm
tweety1 wrote:
Same here. My big ones are all in camp and I'm left with all the little ones. Dh and I like to go out at night for a walk, to the beach etc but now we can't.

I also go walking w my husband in the evenings. I really miss the time we spend alone now that we can't go out.
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 1:04 pm
My husband would love to go away for a weekend, just the two of us, but we have no family here and my oldest two are boys, so they are no help with the smaller kids, but a problem with a female babysitter.

We have gone away several times with the kids, and while it's not easy or reaxing, it's not too bad.
Scroll through Airbnb to find a place that fits your budget.
Big plus for a house with kids that is renting for the summer - unfamiliar toys and books to keep your kids occupied (aske permission, but for us, it's a deal-breaker).
Look for a place near a shul and with one or two restaurants so you can eat out.
Also parks nearby for smaller kids, so if the older ones want a real activity the small ones have something to do.
Try to find a place with a yard/pool/trampoline etc. so the kids have what to do in the mornings before you go out and you don't always have to be entertaining them or leaving the house to do stuff.
We spend the evenings watching a video from mostymusic, which we don't do the rest of the year so it's very exciting.
Spend the first morning/afternoon doing a grocery run and let the kids each pick up something special they don't usually get to make it exciting.

cereal and milk
sandwiches with deli and bags of chips
cheese toast (take a toaster)
instant soups
instant oatmeal
omelettes (take one pan)
fruit and veggies (one peeler and pareve knife)
evening bbq every night
order pizza or falafel and fries, if available near you

Takes alot of planning and packing, but once you're there, especially if you eat simply and don't try to run from attraction to attraction, it is definitely a break from real life.
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 2:05 pm
You don't need to go to Malibu or Hawaii with the little ones just go to a nice country side and take all the advice from other amothers with you and do easy activities toddlers can be happy with little things like water and a playground. It gets difficult when the older ones are getting close to teenhood, preteens etc they want to have adventures. So take something easy not far...
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Post Sat, Aug 13 2022, 4:44 pm
We have been doing it for many years. To me it's very important that there a nice en suite master bedroom so that even though it's not a real break you and DH have an enjoyable vacation.
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