Please share tips! 7 hour Road Trip with kids 20-9

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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 10:53 am
Please share your best tips!!!

I have so many questions for y’all, I’m so overwhelmed!

What kind of games could work in the car that would interest 20-9 year olds?

Some of the older kids are yeshivish boys very careful about not looking at not tznius images, if that factors into your response.

Are there any Jewish story tellers or comedians or riddle askers that would be tasteful for my yeshivish kids and could involve all of their diverse ages, that we can listen to? I’d be happy to purchase the audios.

Is there a frum video that you can think of that kids these ages would all like?

Is it possible to plug a Betty Crocker pizza maker or small George Forman into a car’s outlet, or would that blow the fuse of the car?

If that’s not possible, what’s the easiest way to cook/heat up food on the go, when we’re stopping for picnics on the way, and not in a hotel?

All advice and tips are welcome! Thank you so much!
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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 11:19 am
Gas stations can have hot water, and microwaves which you could use for double wrapped food. But when I road trip there is no hot food, and I've never had hot food on a picnic. We bring a cooler, and we survive. Smile
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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 11:21 am
Road trips are all about sandwiches. No hot food necessary. I personally would split 7 hour trip into 2 days and find something fun to do along the way (I don’t like being in the car a long time) I’ve made NY to Montreal into a wonderful 3 day journey!
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Post Mon, Aug 15 2022, 11:34 am
7 hrs plus stops? Honestly we do this regularly, at least 3 times this summer alone and no screens or hot food. My kids are mid to upper elementary school.
We take turns choosing what to listen to (I personally have spotify but kids can pre-choose their music or story tapes and you can buy them on mostly music and download). We often play games like finding license plates from different states, or makes of cars - these stretch the whole trip. We also encourage quiet time for 15-20 minutes at times when the driver is about to lose their mind from the constant noise of music or stories. If your kids dont get motion sickness they can bring along books. One of my children likes to have paper and markers along.
Food? Sandwiches. Water, no soda or else spills becomes a disasters. Chips and cookies round out the snacks.
We actually make very few stops and prep the sandwiches at a stop but eat while the car is moving. Besides my husband who will eat when we are stopped so he can drive with both hands.
Obviously we are seasoned car travellers and have this down to a science but 7 hrs drive is very doable.
One hard and fast rule we have is no snack distribution starts until we have been on the road an hr. It gives me a few minutes to settle after the balagan of packing up and getting everyone into the car.
Safe and happy travels!
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