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Post Sun, Aug 28 2022, 5:59 am
Looking to refresh your Mikvah experience?

Mikvah Stories - the best-selling, modern-day book of Chizuk stories is now available! Buy now at mikvahstories.com or buy it on amazon here:

From Covid to OCD, from Blizzards to Miscarriages, discover how the determination and devotion of women to keep their special mitzvah is alive and passionate! Savor one story at a time or devour them all!

The author, Chaya Raichik, shares that the overall tone of the book is light and easy to read. “This is a book of positivity and encouragement, not a book of miracle stories or a deep dive into heavy topics. My goal is for every woman to find at least one or two stories that inspire them.”

This book is perfect for so many different people. You can gift it to a new kallah, long-married kallah or snuggle up with it yourself! It’s just the right book for a Yom Tov afternoon or while waiting in the mikvah on a Friday night. The possibilities are endless!

Don't wait! Get your copy now at mikvahstories.com or buy it on amazon here.


"Taharas Hamishpacha is such a big part of the Jewish woman's life, and I believe we should get all the chizuk we can get... this book is a good start.

Mikvah Stories is a heartwarming book for the frum Jewish Woman that's long overdue.

So often we do mitzvos out of habit and don't necessarily connect to it, when you sit down and read about it, it's greatness suddenly hits us.

This book is packed with inspiration and feminine emotion. It's a beautiful collection of stories. While some stories are awe-inspiring, others are so relatable and validating. The stories are well written and super short which makes it a super light & easy read."

-Raizy Fried

"Just wanted to tell you I read the mikvah stories book every month before I go to mikvah and it inspires me to go because sometimes I don't feel like going. But those stories always motivate me to go. Thank you so much. "


"Very encouraging, and well written" - Anonymous

Get your copy now at mikvahstories.com or buy it on amazon here. Also available at select Jewish book stores but they tend to sell out quickly!

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