Would you travel on the NYC subway system these days?
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For non urgent matters, would you avoid the trains these days?
Definitely! The situation has gotten terrible.  
 39%  [ 50 ]
No. I did avoid NYC subway system over the last year or so, but the situation has improved.  
 3%  [ 5 ]
What's the big deal?  
 36%  [ 47 ]
I have never felt safe using the NYC subway  
 20%  [ 26 ]
Total Votes : 128



Post Sun, Sep 11 2022, 5:12 pm
142 rapes reported in july
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Post Sun, Sep 11 2022, 7:08 pm
I commute daily by subway.

And if you wanted to compare it to my risk of injury or death if I chose to drive my car on the highways:

I'm 40 times safer on the train, where I can also daven and read and learn nach yomi.

I love the subway!
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Post Sun, Sep 11 2022, 7:34 pm
The 21 year old female tourist from St Louis engaged a stranger in conversation at 3: AM at the Times Square Station.

He offered to show her around the terminal and then took her to a deserted end of a platform and brutally attacked her.

This is a horrible situation.

Do NOT travel the subways at 3:00 AM.
Do NOT talk to strangers.
Do NOT allow a strange man to offer to be your tour guide to the subway lines.
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Post Sun, Sep 11 2022, 7:37 pm
HonesttoGod wrote:
I drive to the city when I have to.
Years ago I used the subway. I was attacked twice. (Once someone threw something at me once someone pushed me). I also had to regularly wait for several trains because they were too full and I have anxiety about full rooms/trains/places etc.

I stopped taking it after a couple years and I’ve heard many stories from my colleagues who do take the train. They don't like it but most Don't have a car. One colleague was pushed down some steps. Another was flashed by a man. Another had a homeless person pee in the (full) car between stations. The stories go on.

I get people need to but I know that most who do don’t feel safe and use it as “quickly” as they can.

What subway line was this?
I've been taking the subway for years and BH have not experienced anything like this.
How do you manage to find parking in the city??
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Post Sun, Sep 11 2022, 8:27 pm
I used to take the F or G every day to work. I tried to go in a group with workmates but still felt fine going myself. Till one day I had 2 big guys fall into the car in middle of a horrific fist fight. It sounded like 50 pounds of potatoes tumbling around in the car. Everyone moved to the two ends of the car and held their breath until the next station where one of them escaped the car and police were called. I never felt safe on the train since then. I continued using the train that year and had some other stories. Like a homeless guy swaying right on top of me and I thought he was going to fall on me. I try to avoid the train as much as possible. Now when I go on the train. I feel the tension in the air. I feel like people are nervous but it could be my imagination.
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Post Sun, Sep 11 2022, 10:56 pm
vintagebknyc wrote:
I asked for statistics, not reports. Of course crimes are going to be reported. Nobody has chosen to show that there are XX more crimes right now than there were, say, a year ago. That's why I asked for numbers.

I don't have numbers but DH is involved with NYPD on matters of community security. He talks a lot with various chiefs, detectives, etc. They are all very straightforward that the cops are scared and/or not interested in doing their jobs. Anyone who gets arrested gets let out automatically without even needing bail so why bother. Plus barely anything gets prosecuted, and an arrest that doesn't result in prosecution counts against the cops. Look the wrong way at someone who is a Person of Color, LGBTQWERTY, male, female, poor, rich, etc, and you are a racist or worse. You can still get hurt in the line of duty but you can't get respected there.

And the perps know that the cops aren't interested in doing their jobs, so they get more and more chutzpah, they even taunt the cops knowing that if they get arrested they'll get let go and then the cop is the one getting in trouble for wasting everyone's time bringing in someone they just need to let go again.

So yes I definitely feel less safe. I don't have numbers but I have words coming straight from the law enforcement people, and the words are not comforting at all.
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Post Mon, Sep 12 2022, 10:36 pm
PinkFridge wrote:
I thought people were scared of monkey pox.

And my first thought when I saw this thread was Covid! Because, yes, at one point a lot of people were avoiding the trains to avoid catching it.
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