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Post Tue, Sep 13 2022, 9:45 am
Hi! I am a Hebrew School director for a very small and warm Hebrew School in Baltimore. If you are a Baltimommy, I'm sure you've seen my posts on fb! I am posting here to reach those not in Nshei Whatsapp or Baltimommies. Anonymous obviously so I don't out my screenname with my real name!

I am hiring for a Sunday morning position (in-person) for a small Chabad Hebrew School. The right teacher does not need to be Chabad (I am not either!). Our school mainly serves the Russian community who are from very secular homes. Our students are for the most part first generation Americans (there are some non-Russians as well) and they come to us for their weekly dose of Yiddishket. We are a small, close, and warm Hebrew School.

The position I am hiring for is our middle age group, grades 3-5. I do not provide a ready made curriculum but I am here every step of the way and provide teaching materials as needed. This year, our theme is "Mah Raabu Maasecha Hashem". Central themes such as Kashrus, Shabbos, and every chag are part of the curriculum as well.

Ideally, the students are empowered to provide input with the teacher so they are learning something of interest to them. As the director, I am here to assist and plan in any way I am needed.

Pay starts at $20 an hour but we have room to increase based on experince.

School hours are from 9:45-12:45, and the day is structured in a way which requires about two hours of teaching.

If you are interested, I will provide an email address and you may reach out to me there.

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