Ridiculous salary offer - wwyd?
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Post Tue, Sep 20 2022, 7:19 pm
amother Ballota wrote:
Why did he speak to your boss if he was looking to poach you? That’s a huge breach. He could have lost you your job. Why aren’t you yelling at him?
If you want to play games like he’s doing, quote him double the salary.

This sounds quite heimish. Had she lost her job, she’d have a real case in beis din for loss of income.
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Post Tue, Sep 20 2022, 7:45 pm
amother OP wrote:
LOL LOL LOL I hear you but I don’t think his intentions were purely evil 😈
Probably just ignorant and unprofessional…

Plenty of people with boundary issues don't have evil intentions but are just ignorant and unprofessional. That doesn't mean you wouldn't still suffer from the boundary issues as an employee.
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