Investing in cash advance
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Post Thu, Sep 22 2022, 10:13 pm
amother Pewter wrote:
Pease the implication is that these are predatory loans and not a bank loan or being a mortgage broker.

No one was asking whether they should become an investment banker or loan officer.

It is very clear that the sentiment is thst you can exploit non Jews.

Sorry, but I think your jumped down OPs throat too quickly. She wants invest in a loaning business. That's a shaila, because her money will be lent, and therefore earn interest. Period. Nothing to do with the terms of the loans.
The type of loan, and if it's an ethical business is a different story.

Loan officers and investment bankers are lending their own money, or invested in the lending business. They earn commissions pending other people's money Smile

Do you know that being part of a credit union is questionable? And that's a not- for profit institution.
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