Girls high schools
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Post Thu, Sep 22 2022, 1:28 pm
I want to just add that my daughter is in 11th grade. That's before Bnos Esther Malka, Shiras Chaim, Bnos Hadassa, Moreshes. That's why I didn't mention those schools are all.
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Post Thu, Sep 22 2022, 1:56 pm
I would say
bais Faiga high school
and bais yaakov
You need to apply to 4

Meiras took a very yeshivish crowd similar to bnos Melech high school
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Post Thu, Sep 22 2022, 3:37 pm
amother OP wrote:
I know all have a mix but what are the main schools feeding into aderes? Trying to get a better feel for the backgrounds of the girls

Teacher in Aderes here. Older grades are primarily coming from Bnos Yaakov, Bnos Orchos Chaim, Bnos Devorah, Tiferes, Bais Faiga. Some Bnos Bracha, Tehilas Chaya Sara, sprinkle of Bais Tova... Younger grades have Bnos Esther Malka, as well as the first graduates of Moreshes, Chein...
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Post Fri, Sep 23 2022, 9:52 am
I hv a 9th grader in oros (THRILLED, btw).
From what I saw in her class, a lot of girls that would have applied B Yakov or wanted to go to Bais Shaindel went to Meiras. So that is going to be in that category.
I heard that Aderes was looking for a more balebatish crowd this past year but I don't know how true that is, and if they will continue in that trend.
Bais Faiga also was a nice crowd. 3 classes, and they were not all from their own Elementary School.
Just to give you a heads up OP, sadly you may not necessarily have a choice in where your daughter ends up.
I don't know what school you're coming from. Some schools help you more and some schools help you less.
Some schools decide that they know what is best for your child and insist on pushing into a specific school and if you want something else you may need to find your own liaison to reach out to that school to let them know that you are interested in attending.
Wishing you a lot of hatzlacha & sending hugs.
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Post Fri, Sep 23 2022, 12:30 pm
sequoia wrote:
Just out of curiosity, what makes a girl or single woman super-yeshivish rather than regular yeshivish?

Trust me . You, dont want to know, Smile

Regular Yeshivish, man holds door for you, smile demurely, say thank you

Super Yeshivish, make angry glare, and look away
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