What's the Design School that everyone is raving about?

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Post Thu, Sep 22 2022, 2:00 pm
With over 2000+ graduates, Design Alive is the frum world's original Jewish design academy, with a proven track record of success stretching over a decade. We have helped absolute beginners become highly acclaimed professionals, and have set the standard—and continue raising it—in the world of Jewish design. Right now, DesignAlive's popular programs are back LIVE, and you can be in it! Visit DesignAlive.com to learn more, and continue reading for more information below.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, while frum women were talented in many, many areas, the options to pursue different degree paths required you to go to college, and some women weren't comfortable with that. For others, spending a few years in college simply wasn't a viable option. (Umm, hello? I'm getting married next week! When do I have time for a 3 year degree?) For others, there were other reasons.

So I decided to do something… and that's when Design Alive was born. Design Alive would be the Jewish world's flagship design course, and wouldn't sacrifice on quality of anything! Rather, we would pack everything in, and not waste any time, so our students could get the full package. We started off humbly, with one course (can you guess which one it is?) and… it was a huge success! Now, more than a decade later, we're proud to have nurtured some of the frum world top talent, with our students working in magazines (maybe even the one you're reading) companies, and opening up their own successful businesses.

Whether you take Motion Graphics, Web Design, Interior Design or Graphic Design or any other of Design Alive's courses, you can be assured you're getting not only a course, but a means to help you achieve, succeed, and grow.

Our grads are doing amazing things, and in design, the possibilities are endless, offering you a lucrative career path to your future. Our classes are personal, and our instructors are some of the best in their field, and most importantly, our classes are vacuum-packed, actionable and FUN. Our students complete real challenges that impress potential clients, and our exclusive design community and job forums are available to all our students.

So, what's next? At DesignAlive, we're always updating and staying ahead of the times, learning up-to-date design trends, and constantly adding new modules and bonuses for our students.

This year, our Graphic Design students got an incredible bonus of Nichy Silber, a designer well-known for her 3-D print ads—host a module to teach us how to simulate the beautiful ads she creates! Ordinarily this would cost $400. For our students this year, it's completely free.

Here are all of Design Alive's courses:

Web Design and Development

Computer Graphics

Motion Design

Interior Design

AutoCad and Revit

Illustration (New!)

Wanna hear from a student? Here's what Yitty, a recent grad has to say about Design Alive:

"...one of the best things about Design Alive was working with the teachers, who were somehow always available and eager to help out by answering any and all questions we had! Classes were always so much fun, and unlike my friends who had to sit through long classes, learning the same thing I was learning in Interior Design, the classes were fun, and so stimulating!"

Ready to hear more? We'd love to hear from you! Visit DesignAlive.com to learn all about our courses, and sign up for our mailing list so you don't miss out on exciting updates!

Slots are filling up fast!



By now, you're back from seminary, just came back from an amazing summer, and are thinking about what you want to do. Or maybe, you're newly married, and want to start a career that's fun and lucrative (psst: All our courses are both!) and maybe, you're ready to embark on a whole new creative adventure.

We'll, DesignAlive is the perfect place for you!

At DesignAlive, we take an individualized approach to teaching, keeping all our classes selectively small, so we can focus on each and every one of students. This makes sure that every students what they need to succeed. Our classes fill up very fast, but we always work to accommodate you: after all, DesignAlive is all about you!

This year, even though we just launched our LIVE Motion Graphics course, people are clamoring for spots in our already full course, so we opened up a second class. We're as excited as they are to teach them!

Motion graphics is one of the newest forms of digital art…

And it's catching on rapidly. After all, it's easy to digest, it's FUN, and it's addictive!

In a 30-second video, you can teach someone 30 minutes' worth of material, create beautiful video that raises interest and sales.

Heres what Chana has to say about Motion Graphics:

"This is the course that really defined my career. I went from knowing nothing to being fully prepared. Because of Motion Graphics, I have so many clients today!"

But this is just the beginning. Our instructors are the best of the best, handpicked for their knowledge, skill, and expertise, and who are here for you whenever you need! You will complete real and live challenges, so you feel confident in your work, and you'll learn everything in an ultra-packed course that doesn't sacrifice quality at all—rather teaches MORE than others! In fact, one of our former interior design students told us that in the interior design firm she works in (after landing this incredible position with her beautiful portfolio created in DesignAlive) she noticed, and so did her employer, that she knows more than her coworkers who went to 4-year colleges!

Here's what Esti had to say, a graphic designer who took DesignAlive this year, and a little more than halfway through our course, a company was impressed with her work and hired her!

"I came out with a certain confidence to go out and achieve because of the intense training and knowledge that we received in just a few months. DesignAlive gave me such a solid foundation, and I gained so much in such a short amount of time! I feel like a professional—because of intense training and knowledge that we received in just a few months. DesignAlive gave me such a solid foundation, and I gained so much in such a short amount of time! I feel like a professional—because I know I am professional."

There's also one more thing our students really love about DesignAlive: and perhaps this is the most important. DesignAlive is FUN! Unlike some that are long, and feel like they stretch on forever, time flies by in our classes, and classes are interesting, with everything taught in a clear, easy, fun manner.

Ready to learn more about DesignAlive?

As the Jewish world's first design course, we've been around for a long time, and have fine-tuned our processes to an exact science! It's one of the reasons our students love DesignAlive, and why clients love to hire DesignAlive grads. DesignAlive graduates are thoroughly trained, and know everything they need to go from ABC to Designer.

There are so many options to choose from, including Web Design, Motion Graphics, Computer Graphics, Interior Design, and our NEW Illustrations class starting in the Fall.

Check out DesignAlive.com to learn all about exciting courses, and sign up so you don't lose your seat in the next LIVE cohort!

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Post Thu, Sep 22 2022, 10:37 pm
Yael wrote:

Check out [website] to learn all about exciting courses, and sign up so you don't lose your seat in the next LIVE cohort!

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I realize this is an ad, but the link for the website is just showing as [website]. Is there an actual site to see? Thanks!
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Post Fri, Sep 23 2022, 4:58 am
Goldie613 wrote:
I realize this is an ad, but the link for the website is just showing as [website]. Is there an actual site to see? Thanks!

It’s at the top of the ad
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Post Fri, Sep 23 2022, 5:05 am
Are these courses for females only?
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Post Fri, Sep 23 2022, 11:27 am
missknowitall wrote:
It’s at the top of the ad

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Post Fri, Sep 23 2022, 11:49 am
Undefined wrote:
Are these courses for females only?

I don't know how the other classes work, but the self-paced ones, which use recordings instead of a live class, are listed as being for men and women.

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