What's the name of this website?

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Post Sun, Sep 25 2022, 4:32 am
I can't remember the name of this website that I was once was once browsing, and they have nice things. This is what I remember:
It was maybe owned by 2-3 sisters
I think based it California
It's its own brand, not a site that sells a bunch of different items.
They had some dressy long sleeve t shirts, long skirts, etc. Weekday stuff or more casual shabbas

For sure not MimuMaxi.
I think the look is somewhat similar to Linear Collection- I keep getting it confused with that.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Post Sun, Sep 25 2022, 4:35 am
Mia mod?
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Coffee beanz


Post Sun, Sep 25 2022, 4:39 am
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