What is something you want this year? Let's manifest
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Post Mon, Oct 03 2022, 3:33 pm
Closer relationship with dh.
To understand each child individually and accept them for who they are.
To understand about anxiety better to help one of my children.
To move into a new house and make friends
To have another baby
To be healthy
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Post Mon, Oct 03 2022, 4:56 pm
amother Wandflower wrote:
This year I am davening that my child who is emotionally unstable can find stability and find their path back home to their loving parents and family. That the stories their mind tells them are only stories and are not based in reality and that my child really has love and acceptance and warmth and peace whenever my child chooses to make their way back home.

This year I am davening that it should not be so painful that his journey has taken my child far from me through no fault of mine or derelict parenting. I know I have given of myself in whatever way I could possibly give and I am in a waiting room of sorts.

I daven that Hashem give me the strength and ability to have patience for this wait. For my child to come back home again. Because with our real love in place IY"H it is possible to find a way back home. My child just has to work through all the puzzle pieces that is their life right now. I daven to always believe this.

I daven that Hashem dry my endless tears, as I wait by the door, hoping, praying that maybe today will be the day that my child will come back home.

I have good hopes for this year. Halevai.....

Oh my gosh, I could have written this whole post word for word. I thought we were the only ones to experience this, and I relate to every one of your heartfelt hopes.

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Post Mon, Oct 03 2022, 7:47 pm
AMEN!!! I am envisioning all of your yeshuas and I see them coming to fruition iyH!

Hashem I see my yummy newborn snuggled in my arms and my daughter trying to help me with the baby.
Hashem I see my husband find a chavrusa he gets along with and understands each other.
My husband makes a ton of friends!
My husband finds a community since we left his friends and family in his home country
My family becomes frum!!!!!
I get a gorgeous new tzniusdig sheital and I can pay for it without feeling a dent in my wallet LOL
My brother finds himself and figures things out.
Cholim are healed
cancer is eradicated!
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