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Post Mon, Nov 07 2022, 10:14 pm
I learned that there are so many women who would help out another Jewish sister in any way they can, even without knowing anything about them except their call for help

I learned that there is so much pain and suffering out there, enough to make me count my blessings every day, despite my own challenges

I learned that many women learn textual Torah regularly

I learned that many people don't cook only traditional foods for Shabbos

I learned that families with children of all ages can make aliyah and do well

I learned that many people don't name their children only after their parents/grandparents

I learned what a meal train is!

Ok, there's a whole lot more, but I'll stop for now!

Anyone else wanna share? Positive/funny/heartwarming ONLY PLEASE!!
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Post Mon, Nov 07 2022, 10:42 pm
I learned what IYKWIM stands for.
I learned what IMHO stands for.
I learned what IMNSHO stands for.

I learned that a troll is not a smelly rotund being living under a bridge, nor is it a cute rotund being with brightly coloured hair.

I learned what an 's' blade or Kugel blade is Smile

I learned that there is tremendous truth to mi ke'amcha yisrael!
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Post Tue, Nov 08 2022, 3:43 am
I have lists of clean movie recommendations from here
the squirrel maze
I learned that I hate masterchef LOL LOL
the best honey cake
I learned how to react when someone has a stillborn CH'v
and more and more
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Tof Umachol


Post Wed, Nov 09 2022, 4:26 am
I learned about the different love languages.
I learned about the Fast Metabolism Diet.
I learned about the immense sacrifices women make for the sake of their parents/children/grandchildren/friends/values.
I learned the joy of playing word games in the middle of the night.
But most of all -

I learned how encouraging, heartwarming and strengthening it is to receive understanding, care, empathy and support from women I have never even met in person!
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