Winter break in Los angeles with teen girls

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Post Sun, Nov 27 2022, 2:30 am
Please post things we must do and best places to eat.
Also what area should we stay in and can you recommend a hotel or should we do Airbnb.
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Post Sun, Nov 27 2022, 9:02 am
Los Angeles is a vast city and filled with all kinds of activities.

What do you and your girls enjoy doing. Museums? Theme parks? Shopping in Beverly Hills? Hiking? Visiting the beach? People watching? And even within those categories there are museums catering to different interests.

There are a lot of very good kosher restaurants including a kosher Thai which is excellent and a very good Mexican which is probably far better than the kind of Mexican food that is typically served in most places unless you have kosher in Mexico. Smile
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Post Mon, Nov 28 2022, 12:21 am
If we are going for 4 days what are some things we just must do?!
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Post Mon, Nov 28 2022, 12:32 am
What do you like?
While warmer than NY obviously, we do have cold days. So don't count on relaxing on a warm beach as it might not happen. We fluctuate. Last week I needed a coat at work (not a coat I wore in NY but more than a sweatshirt). Today was quite warm. It can vary day by day! I n tend to bring a light coat. Kids go to school with sweatshirts and peel them off by the afternoon.

Please be aware- some places require advanced tickets. A frustrating situation since covid. They haven't taken that away everywhere unfortunately as places like that...

Getty is great. If you like history there are 2 presidential libraries nearby- Reagan and Nixon. I enjoyed them... Reagan's was especially fascinating.
Griffith Observatory.
Fabulous hikes.
Is there still horseback riding near the Hollywood sign?

Of course there are the amusement parks.

And the Hollywood shtick if you are into that. Wax museum, Ripley's Believe it or not.... tours, walk the stars.
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Post Mon, Nov 28 2022, 12:35 am
Pico has amazing restaurants. Very diverse offerings. From sushi to Chinese, Burgers, a steakhouse, fish grill. Of course pizza, Milky Way (fancier dairy), Holy Grill (shwarma)... schnitzly is neat too.

Fish Grill is an LA thing. And if you go to the beach, there is one in Malibu... one of my favorite places....
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Post Mon, Nov 28 2022, 8:58 am
amother Ginger wrote:
If we are going for 4 days what are some things we just must do?!

Again what do you and your girls like to do because there are so many things to do and four days is hardly enough time

For most first time visitors the list would include

Disneyland OR Universal depending on what they are into as Universal is more geared to movies including Harry Potter if that is their thing

Visiting the beach - Santa Monica/Venice - possibly driving up the coast a bit on the Pacific Coast Highway. There is an insanely good kosher restaurant that one can do for lunch on the drive - Tierra Sur at Herzo Winery which is a nice drive up the coast



Walking around Beverly Hills - looking at shops on Rodeo Drive and the surroundings - getting a coffee and people watching. Driving around and looking at the expensive homes. At the juncture of Rodeo and Wilshire Drive is a fascinating shopping development that was built to resemble an old fashioned street - literally the store fronts are miniatures of iconic store fronts like Tiffany. The steps leading up to the "street" are a replica of the Italian staircase from Rome.

I don't generally recommend one of the bus tours of "stars homes" but they are a good way to get a look at the expensive neighborhoods without someone driving.

Visiting The Grove/The Farmers Market - not my thing but lots of people seem to like it.

Some interesting museums - the big one is the all purpose one on Wilshire near Fairfax. The Museum of Tolerance is quite an experience especially the interactive experience of the Holocaust.

Great restaurants

Beverly Hills Thai
Delice Bakery for breakfast or brunch
Jeff's Sausage
Got Kosher - divine pretzel challah - worth picking up to snack on. And there is also delicious French Morrocan food - casual place.
Lenny's Casita - Mexican but unlike the Tex Mex food you are probably familiar with


Here are some others - they are clustered in the Pico Robertson/Beverly Hills area but if you have a car, many of them are great to pick up food so you could get lunch for when you go to Santa Monica/Venice and eat the food al fresco

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