What’s YOUR favorite chicken soup recipe?
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 3:39 pm
What's the recipe? I'm wary of parsnip because I find it too sweet

Someone else above mentioned the same recipe!
Here it is

- I don't use dill because I'm lazy
- I don't use squash when I don't have it
- there is a comment on kosher.com that there is too much garlic, I have not found this to be true and I've been making this recipe for 12+ years
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 3:48 pm
8 quart pot

5 quart water

3 - 4 lb chicken

cook on low flame for 20 minutes, skim off the gray foam


1 large Onion

4 - 6 cloves garlic

5 carrots (sliced - optional)

3 large stalks celery or 1/2 a small celery root

1 medium turnip, sliced in half

1 Parsnip, sliced in half lengthwise (white carrot)

1 zuchinni (optional)

1/2 a bell pepper (optional)

1/2 T. Salt

dash pepper

dill - optional

bay leaf - optional

simmer on low flame 4 hours.
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 3:52 pm
If you have an instant pot this soup is soooo good https://www.number-2-pencil.co.....soup/
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 4:15 pm
Chicken in a net
Chicken bones in a net
Large Turnip cubed
Onion in a net
Dash of pepper

Cook for 3 hours.

Serve with thin noodles and kneidel from schwartz kneidel mix.

So easy and so gooood.
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 4:26 pm
amother Oatmeal wrote:
1 pack in net Chicken bones
1 cut diagonally Zucchini
1 cut diagonally Parsnip
1 cut in half Onion
4 cut diagonally thick carrots
Season as you want approx
1 teaspoon Kosher salt
1/2 tablespoon whole pepper corns

Crockpot Low for 24 hrs
Delicious every time!! A real overnight soup love all soups especially Fri night Chicken soup

I cook it overnight on low flame. If it boils down too much I add water (and salt if needed) after discarding the vegetables I don’t want. Long cook time makes all the difference!
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 4:26 pm
Always get compliments on my very simple recipe
Approximately 5 quart pot
1 chicken bottom
1 bag carrots (I think it’s 1 pound?)
3-4 celery stalks
1 small onion
2 small green squash
A generous amount of salt
Cook on low flame for most of Friday so that’s approximately 6-8 hours refill water when needed
Recently I started doing this
About half an hour before I put onto hot plate I make knaidlach straight into the soup
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 5:03 pm
No one has the dump whatever veggies are left in the fridge with whatever chicken they have in the freezer and cook until you remember to close the flame? Taste is heaven and a surprise every week...
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 5:18 pm
Bones, pupiks, turkey pieces (bones, thighs), chicken pieces.
Carrots, onion.
Dill (in Bodek bag).
No salt necessary.
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 5:35 pm
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 5:50 pm
18Qt pot
4 lb chicken bones in wrap and boil bag.
2 lb turkey bones
2 Tablespoons salt
7 thick carrots- peeled and cut
7 cloves garlic peeled
2 Vadilla Sweet onions cut in half
Bag of celery
Celery root peeled and cut in half
Medium- large parsnip
3 medium squash peeled and sliced (1.5 inch thick)
Fresh parsley bunch

Put chicken and turkey bones in boil bags.
Fill 3/4 pot with water
Add 2 Tablespoons salt
Add all vegetables
Add parsley leaves on top.
Bring to a boil
Strain top of soup with small strainer.
Cover and simmer 7-8 hours.
Let cool 3-4 hours before transferring into 2 lb containers.

Tip- cover 2 lb containers with wrap and boil bag when transferring soup into it to get a beautiful clean and golden soup (no extras fall in). Took me a few years to figure out my soup and I love it now!
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Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 7:04 pm
Why not cello carrots? I just went out and bought that and now I see someone said no cello carrots! Can't Believe It
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Ema of 5


Post Wed, Nov 30 2022, 7:07 pm
amother OP wrote:
Share your secrets!

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Reduce to a simmer. Put in 4 chicken thighs, one package of pupiks, 1 onion, 1 zucchini or a bunch of mini ones, one yellow squash or a bunch of mini ones. Let cook for at least 6 hours.
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Post Thu, Dec 01 2022, 12:25 am
amother OP wrote:
Why not cello carrots? I just went out and bought that and now I see someone said no cello carrots! Can't Believe It

Cello carrots are fine. Many use them in soup.
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Post Thu, Dec 01 2022, 1:08 am
I use a lowfat chicken recipe on Pesach from Spice and Spirit Pesach cookbook which my family really likes but when I make it during the year it doesn't taste as good. Maybe the chickens are fresher then?
With the problems with bird flu in chickens, at least in the U.S., I hope there will be plenty of chicken for everyone at good prices.
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Post Thu, Dec 01 2022, 10:46 pm
I think the secret to a good chicken soup is letting it sit in the fridge/freezer overnight. It ages really well.
On the first day right after cooking I find it too oily tasting and the flavor hasn't developed yet, but after sitting in the fridge overnight it really develops a good taste
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Post Thu, Dec 01 2022, 11:34 pm
So interesting because I do not like an over boiled soup. I have my pot on a high flame till heavy boil then simmer covered for an hour and half. Then add knaidels to cook inside for 40 minutes. Then done, until warming up before Shabbos. I like it this way much better then rewarmed on Sunday night!
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Post Thu, Dec 01 2022, 11:57 pm
No one mentioned ginger yet. I add fresh peeled cut in large chunks right from the start, and I brown my chicken bones with the ginger before adding the other vegetables. Yum!
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