Interesting podcast about man's mother who survived the war

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Post Thu, Jan 19 2023, 3:44 pm
Anyone who knows me, knows I really really really love the This American Life program on NPR, out of Chicago.

There was a really interesting piece done recently, where this Israeli author, Etgar Keret, through short "half baked" stories about his late mother, paints a pretty comprehensive picture of a pretty amazing woman.

No, she was not frum, at least later in life. He is not frum. But the stories were so so good.

They do cover various heavy times and difficult topics in some parts, and there's a little bit of swearing--relevant to a story regarding a grade school bully.

I just so so so wanted to share.

Some stories will make you laugh, some stories may make you speechless....the second to last one will almost certainly make you cry.

Here's a link to download the audio, transcript, etc., and there's also another link on that page for the "beeped out" version: https://www.thisamericanlife.o.....d-mom

It's a 1 hour long show, so the transcript is a bit too long to post here.
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