HELP!! Normal costumes for my kids?
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 11:40 am
Can you tell us what she wants to be, and is considered babyish for a 1st-2nd grader according to you? I can’t imagine. She can literally be dressed up as a baby and it won’t be babyish. That’s Purim for you.
Dress Up America is a great website for costumes and ideas.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 1:28 pm
We often dress up as a family. Last year we did sheshes yimei bereishis, my then 2nd grade daughter was yom shishi and dressed up as a bunny (tutu, bunny ears, and bunny tail). Our neighbor has a daughter the same age who was also a bunny. This year we are doing newspapers as our theme. I found a skirt with newspaper print and she'll wear any top.

FYI-I never force a theme on my kids. We get everyone on board before planning. They usually give their input and ideas and we take it from there.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 1:47 pm
Please please let your daughter decide to be what she wants for school. Especially if she’s socially on the fringe already- it’s not like she’s dressing with a group that she has to fit in with anyway. Let her do the type of costume she wants, and help her look fabulous.
2nd graders should be able to be ANYTHING.
I’ve seen it all, speaking as a teacher. The only thing that raises eyebrows is if it’s age-in appropriate as in too mature.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 2:06 pm
And can I add- it’s so upsetting that her class is creating a stressful situation with needing to fit in and will tease her. Any way to find her a new environment? Purim costumes, certainly at that age, shouldn’t be a point of anxiety.
(Unless, by any chance, it’s you who is projecting.)
Hatzlacha, this whole thing sounds painful.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 3:16 pm
amother Babyblue wrote:
think carefully before you discount the costume your daughter wants.
Usually, when children ask for a costume it is therapeutically good for them.

If mommies would know how theraputic choosing your own costumes, there would be NO FAMILY THEMES WHEN IT COMES TO PURIM COSTUMES.

Goodness. I was making my own costumes since I started wearing costumes at the age of about 4. A grownup cut cardboard and aluminum foil for me when I was really young, but that's about it. We never bought prepared costumes but made them out of odds and ends we had around the house. The gold mine was my mom's big rag bag full of torn sheets and old clothes. When I got older I started salvaging ribbons and trim from fancy greeting cards, candy boxes and so on. I still possess and have used for at least three different costumes a length of lavish lace that trimmed my bedroom curtains when I was in elementary school.

My kids were never heavily into costumes when they were very young and cheerily went along with whatever I came up with for them, whether there was a family theme or not. Once they were old enough and cared enough to assemble their own costumes, which was around seventh grade or so, they were on their own.

"Therapeutic"? For a kid who doesn't need therapy, that's an overstatement. Fun, for sure. An exercise in decision-making, maybe. A stimulus for creativity, certainly. Just like pretty much any arts & crafts project that a child decides to do on his own.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 4:07 pm
How do you know what the cliquey girls in her class consider babyish? What the first-grade "in" crowd thinks could change from today till tomorrow. I have a feeling YOU consider them babyish, though it's hard to imagine anything being too babyish for first grade. Let your dd be what she wants to be.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 6:58 pm
I have a first grader.

I agree with those saying it makes no sense at that age to stress & be concerned re social acceptance with regards to a purim costume. Maybe take the idea she wants to be & find a nicer/ more age appropriate execution? I'm sure if you start a thread imas here would be helpful.

My dd 6 is planning on dressing up as a gumball machine she's been eyeing since last purim.

Dress up America sells their costumes on Amazon for the same price.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 9:56 pm
momsrus wrote:
sounds like you're the one with the complex.

she can be anything

This is way out of line. If you met me you would never say I have a complex. This is my first girl who has obvious social deficits and I am just trying to help my kid so it isn't another thing she is picked on for. I honestly don't care what she is, I don't get embarrassed by these things. I just don't want HER to be teased.

Seriously?!? If you can't say something nice, don't say anything.
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Post Mon, Jan 23 2023, 9:59 pm
My first grader is going as a soda can be'h. If you don't want to go the kallah/Queen Esther route then some popular first grade costumes are donuts, gumball machines, artists and cowgirls.
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Post Tue, Jan 24 2023, 6:52 pm
amother OP wrote:
Not really... that is more the 5 year olds. The 7 year olds all were "something" last year. I just can't remember any!!

My girls loved being a kalla, princess, fairy, queen esther, Shabbos kalla (when purim on a friday) - always wearing similar/same bride costume - until I had to put a stop to it as they were falling apart and it was the same costume/s worn 5 or 6 times - but dressing it up differently & calling it something else!
If I cant find something local, I just order on Amazon.
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Post Tue, Jan 24 2023, 6:58 pm
Gumball machine is a very popular one.
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Post Tue, Jan 24 2023, 7:18 pm
Really anything goes for a 6 yr old. And there’s no guarantee she won’t be teased in whatever she wears. Sometimes the mean girls will see someone in an absolutely awesome costume and say something derogatory about it because deep down they are jealous. Let your daughter have the autonomy to express herself. It’s Purim. The one day that nobody will think twice that something is off or weird. Costumes of all kinds are appropriate for all ages.
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Post Tue, Jan 24 2023, 7:34 pm
Every year it's a diff trend. One yr artists. One yr snowmen families. One yr stewardess. One yr cow girls. One yr emojis. One yr colonial girls. I've seen some seamstresses. One yr florists. One yr Starbucks server. Teachers. Moms. Grandmas.Some are more for older girls. Younger girls like to be foods like popcorn, cupcakes, ice creams. Lady bugs with tutus. Minnie mouse.
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