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What can a 3 year old do?

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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 6:10 pm
My oldest is 23. My youngest is 3.
Somehow, I remember my oldest being a lot more independent at that age than my current baby. After all, she was the oldest of three at the time.
Please remind me: what can a child of 3 be expected to do on his own?
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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 6:18 pm
You mean like dressing, eating etc.. Or playing, coloring etc..

If your child goes to playgroup you can check with the morah if he's on par with other kids.
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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 6:22 pm
Can? Or want to? Wink

Mine eats breakfast alone and dinner with prompting. Generally I have to feed the protein cuz he's day dreaming. He can park his shoes in corner at bedtime. He can strip before bath. He cannot put on his shoes but can do pants if he's in the mood. Sweatshirts depends on the neck. He can straighten his blanket in morning. Dump laundry in hamper. Plate in trashcan.

What else?
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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 6:29 pm
Mine is fully potty trained, eats on her own but constantly needs to be told to sit at the table. She can get dressed all by herself and put on her boots but needs help with a coat and zippers. She’s certainly old enough to tell me my cooking is disgusting or that I’m a weirdo mommy 😂
She can climb up stairs, jump, cartwheel, hop…
Any specifics you’re worried about?
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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 6:30 pm
My 3 year old is an oldest, so that may affect it-

Pick out clothes, cooperate/help with parts of dressing. Put her laundry in the hamper if I remind her. Drop clean underwear in her underwear drawer. Put dirty dishes in the sink if I remind her. Bring me a plate to serve her dinner/ snack. Grab her shoes and coat (putting them on depends on her mood). Play independently for about 15-20 min. Cut with safety scissors, color, etc. Climb in and out of the car
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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 6:34 pm
My three year old (August birthday) can feed himself, though often needs prodding. He dresses himself when he wants to, with some assistance, but usually wants someone to dress him. He can get himself undressed mostly (has trouble taking a t shirt off) and he can put on his shoes. He tries to button and unbutton himself, usually unsuccessfully. He can put on his coat with the upside down method. He goes to the bathroom on his own (needs wiping of course) and can brush his teeth and wash his hands with soap (someone needs to turn on the faucet and pump out the soap). I find that he is capable of doing many things but since they require a lot of effort he often wants someone to help him (or alternatively, insists on doing it himself when I’m in a rush). He can climb in and out of his car seat but cannot buckle or unbuckle himself. He can cut with safety scissors and do Perler beads with some effort. He colors outside the lines. He can play by himself for quite a while, maybe 30 minutes at a time depending on his mood. He recognizes alef beis and some numbers and count up to about twenty I think.
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Post Mon, Jan 30 2023, 11:23 pm
Brush hair
Wipe face with wipe
Get dressed completely, including putting on shoes (possibly wrong feet) and coat,including zipping it up.
Get undressed for bath, change into pjs
Putting snacks and lunch in backpack when asked (not their responsibility obviously)
Eat sitting on their own, feeding themself
Look at books and make up the story
Play with toys like magnatiles, dolls
Ride a tricycle
Go to the bathroom unprompted (but parent needs to wipe #2)
Put plastic dish in sink/trash when reminded
Clean up some toys (now clean up five things from the floor! Now three things from the table!!)
Color (kind of scribbling, not fully in the lines)
Cut and glue paper
Sing songs

3 year olds can do a LOT, and also can't do a lot.
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Post Tue, Jan 31 2023, 1:28 am
Youngests do a lot less that oldests, in my experience.
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