The reasons I don't enjoy Purim are logistical
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Post Mon, Feb 06 2023, 10:09 am
Post on your local groups for a babysitter, even drop off. The teen girls may plan to go to a different leonine to make a killing babysitting.
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Post Mon, Feb 06 2023, 10:15 am
I have not read any responses but we deliver to all teachers mm that don't live in walking distance on Tanis Esther.. kids get dressed up and all!!
Teachers always say how much they appreciate it they have time to look at it and give attention to kids etc.
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Post Mon, Feb 06 2023, 5:02 pm
amother OP wrote:
Ha! I was actually planning to surprise Dh wih his own megilla this year and now, thanks to your post, for the first time I'm realizing I'll also have some benefits from it! Even though dh doesn't know how to read, it'll still be easier than me going out.

This This This
Dh leining megilah to me at home saves my Purim. It means I actually get to daven and he gets to learn

Dh does know how to read, and even if your Dh doesn't you can probably get a neighbor or one of your kids if they are over Bar Mitzvah and have a home based megila reading.

We are in Israel so things are different but here is our schedule:
kids have a dress up day in school and give teachers.
Purim Dh wakes up neitz and learns.
I wake up 8 and daven, then he comes home does a speedy megilah leining for me. As the kids get up, the get costumes on (with my help) eat a quick breakfast I have prepared in advance - smoothie (yougurt and fruit), healthy muffin ( whole wheat, oats, sugar free).
They start giving out the walking distance mm while I clean up, and pack the cars ( we rent a 2nd car for purim) each kid gets two driving distance drop- offs.
Schedule is created in advance.
Then we split up, and we try to enjoy the traffic and craziness.
Purim music + spot the best costume make it fun, and everyone knowing where we are going and when cuts out the fighting.
We meet back up at DH's rav's home at 2, then head together to the inlaws/ parents (usually 15 minute drive that can be an hour easy) We either do the seudah at the inlaws or parents and go to the other one the night before. Dh usualy does drink, and I drive him home and the kids from the second car taxi home (we pick the car up next day)

Can you ask each kid if going to teachers on purim is a must must?
It may be for some of the kids, but it is very possible that some don't mind bringing in school/ taanis esther/at night if they have that option.

If they can't give other times, and it its important to them, then can you at least split the cars? It makes a big difference. I used to be terrified of driving purim, but since I started its been an amazing difference in everyone's stress levels.

This is really THE issue. There is a limit to how many people you can get to within two hours with the snails paced traffic...
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