Very low carb pesach? How?
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Post Mon, Feb 20 2023, 5:36 pm
amother OP wrote:
I don't know numbers, his nutritionist gives him instructions every week but basically it's unlimited protein and green veggies, specificied servings of other veggies and fruits, and no carbs except one slice of challah per Shabbos meal (he used to have more carbs built in on alternating days during the week but he wasn't doing so great with that)

I have never heard of protein turning into glucose and now I'm kind of worried... because he takes his unlimited proteins very seriously. Maybe we need a better nutritionist but his doctor recommended this one and he really likes him.

There is a formula to how much a person needs
For every kg of lean body mass it’s 1g of protein
But ask your nutritionist
Some say it doesn’t really happen
Others say limit protein to exactly what your body needs
And if he likes and listens to this nutritionist stick withhim, especially since he is seeing progress, at the end that’s the most important
My research was more on cancer than diabetes so please ask
Stick to unlimited protein and leafy greens for vegetables
I’m assuming any veggie that is 5g carbs or less per 100g is good

Here is a good resource
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chocolate moose


Post Mon, Feb 20 2023, 8:04 pm
All root vegetables are higher in carbs. Quinoa is definitely not the cure all people have posted that it is.

I suggest what othrs have said - fish and salad like you;d eat during the year, then meat or chicken like you'd have friday nght - maybe with roasted vet=getables or steamed vegetables. a carb is not a must.

yogurt during chol hamoed with nuts and fruit if he can spare the carbs. coffee, tea. fill up on string cheese and cottage cheese.

soup is great!

what is he going to do for the seder when we drink so much wine and eat so much matza? those are carbs that are going to be the problem, not regular food. I understand that car bs need to be eaten with protein so I'mnervous about the seder in that regard.
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