No child care tonight & womens reading @ 9:30pm - sexist?
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 5:28 pm
amother Chambray wrote:
I live near quite a few shuls that have a few women's readings. None have babysitting. You switch off with DH. There are also many private readings in peoples home which they allow others to come.

That's what happens where you live, and it's pretty similar where I live. But it may not be the case where the OP lives. I grew up in a small community, and there was one reading. (No babysitting.) You either made it work or had quite a long drive to find a later reading.

Afterwards there was hamantaschen and drinks, and people would hang around for a while to admire everyone's costumes, and then you would go home and eat a proper meal.
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 7:46 pm
amother Honey wrote:
Many gedolim disagree with you.

Just an example -
When they built the beautiful shul, The Belzer Rebbe didn't allow the Shul to be used even though they were eagerly awaiting using their beautiful brand new shul, until the Ezras Nashim was ready.
The presence of the nashim tzidkaniyos elevates the prayers and bring them up straight to the kisei hakavod.

This post made me cry. So beautiful! Thank you.
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 8:12 pm
amother OP wrote:
I think you missed the point. lots of shuls have child care at the main reading after maariv so the whole family -- men, women, kids old enough to hear megilah -- can go together and all hear megilah, eat the breakfast, and socialize.

I never heard of childcare for megillah. Never
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 8:18 pm
Delete I misunderstood
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 8:43 pm
amother Melon wrote:
Does it happen that in a shul with an ezras nashim - women are told not to come to Megillah?

In my neighborhood, there’s only house minyanim. There are small but functional ezras nashims. However, it’s a growing community and there wouldn’t be space for all of the men and all of the women at the same time. For someone that that is important to, it’s a short drive to larger shuls
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 8:44 pm
My very modern Orthodox shul, which is full of singles and young families, doesn't offer childcare for Megillah, nor is there a break-fast buffet. (No shul around here provides such services unless you count cookies and OJ on motzaei Yom Kippur.)

There's a women's leining--of, by, and for women, no men allowed, that starts a little later than the main reading after maariv, and there's a late reading around 8.30 for whoever didn't make either of the earlier ones. In between there's time for people to go home and break their fast. Husbands here tend to be cooperative. My own hubby, for example, who very much doesn't love getting up early, for years went to hashkama so that he could stay with the kids when I went to shul.
I must say 9.30 PM sounds awfully late if it's intended for women who couldn't make the first reading because they were staying home with young kids. What, are they serving a six-course feast to break the fast and going to Megillah after that? Why couldn't they make it 8.30?
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 8:49 pm
We had quite a few babies/children at the second reading today.
Including one who stood right near me for most of the time but was walking around trying to calm the baby.. Can't Believe It
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 9:10 pm
I find this thread so funny- DH is insanely jealous that I am the one that gets to go to the 9:00 reading- no stopping for haman, not crowded, finished in 1/2 hour - he thinks it’s xist that he needs to sit through the first one (not really but he says no fair when I get home 1/2 hour after I left ) you can read negativity into anything lol
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Post Mon, Mar 06 2023, 9:13 pm
This must be so disappointing for you if that is what you are used to. You must feel very left out.

A Freilichen Purim! Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow!
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Post Tue, Mar 07 2023, 1:26 pm
Who's the *shul" who should be providing babysitting. Are you expecting the building to arrange it?
If you feel it's needed maybe you should arrange it?
I find when people talk about the "shul" not doing things, they forget that people have to arrange it, and it's usually the same people arranging things and doing things and the same people complaining about things the "shul" should supposedly do.

Maybe I'm wrong here OP maybe you do a lot for the shul and are hoping for things to be done in a different way, but my point is for people who do nothing for the community and expect everything in return, it's not necessarily directed at the OP who I don't know.
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