Do You Hear Every Word of the Megillah?
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Do you hear every megillah word?
Yes, I hear every single word  
 56%  [ 75 ]
Mostly, and I read words I didn't hear that I didn't hear  
 32%  [ 43 ]
No, I don't hear or read myself every single word  
 11%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 133



Post Tue, Mar 07 2023, 7:59 pm
I did at night. A neighbor leined beautifully, super quickly but extremely clear. This morning I went to a leining that was at the perfect time for me and I just prayed that I was yotzei… he didn’t read very well and made many mistakes. I heard him loudly but he fumbled and mumbled a lot. I said the words myself when I could but even the trop didn’t sound right. Can't Believe It
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Post Tue, Mar 07 2023, 8:50 pm
My Hebrew is not yet good enough to follow, haha! But for next year, I aim to learn to lein it myself:) I try very hard to listen, but I can't really follow.
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Post Tue, Mar 07 2023, 8:53 pm
I follow with my finger, heard clearly,

And somewhere in the middle I space out

For a few minutes.

My DH says this generation has very bad attention spans and few can concentrate for 40 minutes.
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Post Tue, Mar 07 2023, 11:20 pm
I make sure to hear every word, and when my OCD kicks in I'll say the word to myself just in case.
If I totally missed a word I would hear megillah again. Like the year I missed the first word Sad. It was still noisy and the baal korei just started out of the blue.
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Post Tue, Mar 07 2023, 11:40 pm
I try to. The reading goes really fast and I try to follow along with my finger on the place. I might jump past a paragraph when I see I lost my place and I try to recalibrate.
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Post Wed, Mar 08 2023, 7:39 am
I try hard to
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Post Wed, Mar 08 2023, 3:42 pm
Does anyone know the actual halacha? Like if my ears heard every word but I was spaced out does it count?
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Post Wed, Mar 08 2023, 3:46 pm
The Mishnah Berurah (O.C. 690:48) writes that if one misses a single word, the obligation of reading the Megillah was not fulfilled. There may be a difference between men and women in this regard. The Rama (O.C. 689:2), based on Tosfos (Megillah 4a), writes that a woman’s obligation of Megillah is to “hear” the Megillah, not to read it. Mo’adim U’zmanim (2:170, quoting the Leket Yosher) extrapolates from this that a woman’s requirement is one of pirsumei nisa (publicizing the miracle). Therefore, should she miss a word during the reading of the Megillah, she has still fulfilled her obligation. However, the Mishnah Berurah (O.C. 689:1) indicates that women do need to hear every single word. Therefore, it is advisable that everyone follow along quietly with a Chumash, so if one misses a word or two, they can quickly read the missing words and then continue hearing from the Ba’al Korei.
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Post Wed, Mar 08 2023, 4:09 pm
We were brought up that we have to hear every single word, and if we dont, we have to say it.

So I used to literalllly follow along and say so many words in case I missed out.

At the moment as long as I can HEAR , Im happy. Ok with it.
I find it really hard to follow along.
I space out, lose the place, one year I mearly nodded off but I still heard it all so think Im yotzei.
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