Making pesach while being in school
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Post Tue, Mar 14 2023, 8:54 am
amother OP wrote:
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I was considering dropping a course but I'm almost through with this semester so it'll be a waste on all the hard work I've put in so far. I am considering taking on less courses for my summer semester but it wont be such a hectic time so we'll see about that. Regarding hiring more help, we really cant afford that but if it comes down to that vs a breakdown we'll figure out how to swing that. I do have very high standards regarding YT cooking and will need to lower that a lot. I'll also ask my kids to help more and dh as well. He works long hours but he's bh very supportive of my schooling. Last night when he came home, I didn't even have the ingredients to cook for shabbos yet. He went grocery shopping and made a kugel and dips while I worked on an essay. We will make it work iyh. Thankfully it's a 3 day yt so I'll catch up on my sleep then.

I used to cook everything before Yom Tov as well and used to have very high standards and variety and what not.
I have a different job now and it’s not possible anymore. I lowered my expectations, cook on Yom Tov and don’t go crazy with my dishes.
My goal now is to do everything that requires the use of appliances before the yom tov and the rest I can make during the chag.
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Post Tue, Mar 14 2023, 8:56 am
mommy3b2c wrote:
This is a very condescending comment . Also, makes a lot of assumptions . Ftr, at one point in my life I was working full time, had a toddler and a colicky baby, and was in a masters program and doing field work.

I am sorry your interpretation of my words felt condescending. It is my truth. I went back to school with a house full of children and one child got married during that time as well. I thought it was the hardest thing I had ever done. My program had minimal to no flexibility. The kindest thing a professor did for me was allow me to take my final an hour early so I could rush home to attend my grandsons bris (which was delayed for a couple of hours so I could make it!).
And then the real world hit when I became a full time working mom at a large institution. I was unprepared for the fact that noone really wants to know the details of why and when I want flexibility. The job is good, the pay is good, the benefits are good and I need to show up with a smile and do my job no matter the time of year or the circumstances. My colleagues depend on me giving 100% and I appreciate the paycheck. If there is a family emergency, my benefits protect me, but otherwise I have a responsibility to my job even during yomim tovim, simchas etc.

My comment was meant to help prepare the OP for this... to prevent someone else from the rude awakening that I had when I entered the real world work force.
I have been working 5 years now and proud that I have been able to learn to juggle household responsibilities and job responsibilities. OP will learn this as well and there is no time like the present to start.
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