Boro Park - how do people do it?
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Post Thu, Mar 16 2023, 10:36 am
Some Hungarians believe that bibs are the best stain removers…
They’re probably right, but it doesn’t work with my lifestyle.

She is right about feeding the kids from 1 plate so that the mom is in control and everything stays clean.

Regarding matching clothes being neater, it isn neater, but maybe more pleasing to the eye.
Think a whole class in the same uniform, vs everyone in individual clothing. There is something about the cohesiveness that feels pleasant to they eye,

I still prefer not having more than 3 kids matching, it starts getting too much…but coordination does make for a more cohesive look when walking together.
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Post Thu, Mar 16 2023, 1:49 pm
Grew up more MO and now more yeshivish/chareidi in EY...so I get it from both sides.

I never really understood the matching thing- as a kid I thought it was nerdy...now I like to match them since I have only girls so far (mostly Shabbos and Yom Tov tho, havent really gotten into weekday matching plus like I said we live in Israel and so we dont have Sunday...)

And yes I am very much aware and make sure to treat them as individuals. However it's a cute look, an outer thing, similar to a football team wearing the same colors, it makes us feel like a family, a cohesive team, although of course each person has their own strengths.

On a practical note:
Once my husband was looking for me and my daughter in shul and asked a woman to look for "a woman with a girl with the same dress as this girl" pointing to our other daughter he had with him Smile

I also find it pretty easy to just take a few sizes of a pretty dress I like then trying to find 3 different ones. They do like to match each other and get excited about it which I think is cute. I keep these matching fancy outfits out of their regular/weekday clothing drawers and have them together in my closet in my room so I can see them all together and just pull it out when it's time for them to get dressed for Shabbos/a simcha. I actually find it super easy to get them ready this way(easier than weekdaymornings getting ready for gan!)

I feel really called out about the messy double stroller thing! But yes I am trying to raise little ones, we are snacking on the go, baby decided to throw her bottle on the floor while toddler running off in other direction, so yes I am throwing all kinds of things in the bottom of it. But great tip to wash the fabric in the washing machine (hope to try that once a month to start with)
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