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Post Fri, Mar 17 2023, 3:05 pm
I don't usually post in the "Shopping" forum because I'm the least-talented shopper in the history of the marketplace. I hate it, and it shows.

But I came across something that has helped me and might be useful to others:

"Church Suits" from online retailers.

Primarily aimed at African-American women who wear modest but dressy clothing to church, these outlets have a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes. Now, admittedly, about 75 percent of the offerings aren't really suitable for the frum veldt; they just aren't styles we wear.

But I've gotten several great outfits to wear to simchas that are dressy without the "evening" look. And without the frum boutique price.

If the intended purpose of "church suits" bothers you, ask your rav about making such a purchase. I asked Rabbi Fuerst, sh"lita, who told me that it's fine as long as it's an independent retailer who is selling to anyone.

There are literaly dozens of companies -- just search for "church suits," and you'll get more options than you can imagine.
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