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Post Mon, Mar 20 2023, 7:17 pm
My kitchen cabinet are pathetic stuff scattered everywhere with no system.

I was raised in a real hoarding dystfunct home so I lack the basic ABCs of what most women know as normal housekeeping. I'm not talking about advanced tips. Just basics.

Can anyone walk me through the basics.?

I also do not have a pantry which makes things a bit harder.

I do not own a lot of kitchen stuff since I'm careful with living with minimal due to my history...

So were talking 2 sets of pots pans, basic appliances, basic baking accessories, 2 sets dishes, drink bottles and mugs, cookbooks, containers...

I have upper and lower cabinets and 2 corner sinks. What belongs under sinks? Upper and lower?
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Post Mon, Mar 20 2023, 7:25 pm
It really depends on your kitchen layout. Right now I am in a rented house with a tiny kitchen.

I try to keep things closest to where they are used.

So my pots cabinet (lower cabinet) is right next to my stove.

My spice cabinet is above that. I keep all of my spices, and a bunch of oils/vinegars/seasonings there.

Whatever doesn't fit is in the next upper cabinet over, which also has other cooking food items like breadcrumbs.

All of my cutlery and cooking spoons/utensils are in drawers, which takes up my entire lower cabinet.

The cabinet above my dishwasher has my dishes (plates, bowls, cups, etc.)

Under the sink I have my food processor, and some cleaning supplies.

My baking pans are in the drawer under my oven.

All other food is in my pantry closet which is part of the kitchen.

There is a thin cabinet next to my fridge where I keep cookbooks.

If you describe your kitchen layout we can probably give better advice.
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Post Mon, Mar 20 2023, 7:28 pm
I keep milchig dishes/cups/mugs in the cabinet next to my milchig sink
Fleishig dishes/cups/mugs in the cabinet next to my fleishig sink
I keep pots and pans in lower cabinets next to the oven
I keep the crockpot, mixer, food processor etc in a lower cabinet
I keep spices/salt and basics that I use very often in an upper cabinet next to the oven
All other cabinets have food like cans, pasta, baking ingredients etc. I put things I use most often on lowest shelves
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Post Mon, Mar 20 2023, 7:33 pm
U shaped cabinets

Middle of the U is the oven

Both corners have a sink

Less lower cabinet space on dairy side because fridge is there
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