If you don’t have a pesach kitchen and start cooking early
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Post Tue, Mar 21 2023, 11:49 am
amother Daisy wrote:
I understand you OP-I do this! I work full time, right up til erev yomtov. Pesach is my vacation from work, and I do not like cooking on yomtov (its my vacation!) so for the past few years ive turned over my kitchen only, 3 weeks before pesach. Yes, I have young kids, and yes, BH this method works SO well for me. People tell me they think im CRAZY but I really dont think so.
I am BH BH BH one of those women who totally do not relate to those threads on imamother every year, complaining that they go into the seder dead tired (the few days before pesach are usually very chilled. Most stuff are done, we just make the kearah items or other little things), or complaining on chol hamoed how all they did on yom tov was cook and serve. Its not my reality at all.
I turn over kitchen 3 weeks before.
Every evening after work and after the kids are settled, I cook a little bit, without any pressure at all.
It is a lot to cook because I do host family, and I cook for the entire yomtov in advance.
But by erev tomtov I have all of the food all ready.
We make the dining/living room the chametz area. We put the milchig and fleishig microwaves, toaster oven, sandwich maker etc out, with lots of plastic cutlery. Fresh bread, cereals etc. We eat lots of cereal, sandwiches, deli sandwiches, toaster oven blintzes, waffles, pizza, proteins and food that are kosher for pesach like eggs, chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers....french fries. No one goes hungry. And theres no stress!
Then on yomtov, I can really relax!

Thank you!!
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Post Tue, Mar 21 2023, 11:50 am
If you can handle having chometz in dining room, and/or separate space in fridge for cooked chometz and pesach food it is doable.

Breakfast is in the dining room. No cake or chometz snacks allowed to minimize stress

You can cook pesachdig dinner every night.
Chicken bottoms, grilled chicken etc.

You can even cook a veg soup and serve half freeze half for chol hamoed. Meaning cook enough for yt and dinner the same time.

Think shabbos food, do you have how to warm up/keep warm if you turn over?

Disclaimer - I don't do this, I'm just thinking.
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Post Tue, Mar 21 2023, 11:55 am
amother OP wrote:
Thank you!!

Youre welcome! Feel free to ask any questions, its really more doable than people think. As long as youre really properly set up with a good chametz station. Keep it organized, not cluttered, have everything available so theres no need to go in the kitchen...and remember everyone can still have chametz, just keep it chametz that goes with a pesachdik protein (make the hamburgers in your kitchen and bring it out to everyone to eat on buns.)

I also keep the little kids on board with this by treating them to things we dont typically have.
They know that the few weeks before pesach we have "goodies" like the more expensive cereals I never buy, or toaster oven foods like blintzes and waffles (we dont usually buy because theyre expensive). As long as the kids are happy with this, it works!
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Post Wed, Mar 22 2023, 10:30 am
I haven’t done it myself, but this article is another approach - she sets up a temporary pesach kitchen with crockpots to cook in advance
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