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Teachers Assistant

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Post Thu, Mar 23 2023, 1:35 pm
How much do you make as a teachers assistant in a jewish school? Are you salaried?

What would you do if you were certified to teach middle schools and can get a $60k plus salary but your long term goal is to teach early childhood . Also starting my masters in early childhood in fall. Would you take a huge pay cut and work yourself up to lead teacher in early childhood or stick to teaching middle school while you earn your masters and get paid well until you can be lead teacher in early childhood
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Post Thu, Mar 23 2023, 1:45 pm
Cost based analysis.

How unhappy are you teaching middle school?
Is the workload manageable while being in school and running your home?
What are the different hours and how does it impact your life?
Can you afford the pay cut?

I have friends who have taken pay cut for quality of life. I have friends who would not take a pay cut for anything that, because they need (real or perceived) the cash.
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