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At what age/maturity do you send a child to grocery or shop

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Post Mon, Mar 27 2023, 10:50 pm
Near your house on their own?
I’ve been sending my 10 yo to pick up a quick item or 2- in a safe neighborhood with 1 street cross. A recent supermarket fire had me thinking- G-d forbid my child is in a shop without me when something catastrophic happens Can't Believe It

Do you only send extremely mature children or do you teach your child what to do in every likely/unlikely scenario before sending them out?
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Post Mon, Mar 27 2023, 10:55 pm
Catastrophies happen anywhere at any time. Unfortunately we can’t always be around to protect my children. Fortunately I live in a place where I know others will look out for them if I can’t, as I would for their children.
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Post Mon, Mar 27 2023, 11:00 pm
I started this kind of errand with my oldest around 11.
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Post Mon, Mar 27 2023, 11:04 pm
To answer your question I think my kids started at around 7-8 I don’t remember the exact time. At 9 dd was already running errands. At this point at almost 11 she can take the baby and preschooler with her.
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