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Post Tue, Mar 28 2023, 7:59 am
I struggled so long with this and it was even harder because physically I am not capable of doing it all myself. It's been a long year of really being determined to slowly get my life back and not have it being run by kids. I started with making a rule that we can only play with one toy at a time and need to clean it up and after a week I went up to two toys. I told my kids friends about our rule and my kids got their friends to help as well. I always offered to help clean up with them. Then I made a contest for cleaning up their rooms at the end of each day and they saw that if you clean it each day it's really easy to keep it up.

This week my girls have a contest from school on cleaning for pesach and they're skills are showing in their ability to confidently tackle new tasks.

I just want to say that it wasn't easy. I felt like the maid for so long and it was so hard. Having no energy only made it harder to get the cooperation. I started so small.. The truth is that before I started this rule of one toy at a time I did urger smaller things that would be too long to list. Like giving my little ones only one paper at a time when coloring or keeping a lot of the toys locked up and putting half of the imaginary play toys in the closet and not in their rooms.

In the past I have shared my struggles here with this issues and the two best advice I got was 1-help them 2-start small

To anyone else on this journey, Hang in there!
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