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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 9:50 am
I'm in a state where I realized that I could benefit from short-term trauma therapy but unfortunately, with the prices out there for a good, licensed therapist, I just cannot afford it... (they charge about 400 a session)
Any recommendations on a magical book specifically in IFS that can just be as effective as therapy??
Thank you!!!
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 6:17 pm
There are several, I have them in my office, and I am running really late but after Shabat I will check and post them. (If I don't you can PM and remind me.)
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Coffee beanz


Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 6:45 pm

Not sure this is as good as therapy but it's user friendly and gives activities examples and clear explanations. Hatzlacha!
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Post Sat, Apr 01 2023, 9:47 pm
Try this IFS app.

Checkout this new app called IFS Guide. It helps you to better understand your emotions and behaviors using the Internal Family System (IFS) method


It even gives you a full introduction to IFS. Really easy to navigate.
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Post Sat, Apr 01 2023, 9:57 pm
I like this one
Internal Family Systems Skills... https://www.amazon.com/dp/1683.....share
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Post Sat, Apr 01 2023, 9:59 pm
Self-Therapy by Jay Earley (also has a good website)

Recovery of Your Inner Child Lucia Capachione

The Power of Your Left Hand Lucia Caacchione

(I would start with the first, you don't need both right away, and probably have to enough to work with in the first.)

Related by not IFC

Healing from the Emotionally Abusive Mother by Christy Lincoln
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