Just found out I need to make Pesach - gimme all you got

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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:03 pm
We were planning to go to my in-laws for the entire chag, but they can no longer host us. I have quite literally zero preparations. Not one box of matzah, not one kashered utensil. I've made Pesach before for the two of us early in our marriage in 2020, so I know it's doable, but I obviously had much more notice / time then. I also have a baby now.

My head is swimming with everything that needs to get done. Can someone give me the most bare bones checklist or easy-quick-tips for what I can do between now (well, after shabbat) and Pesach to put this all together? FWIW I'm Sephardic, which is helpful here. I also don't go overboard with the cleaning - literal minimum that is required.

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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:08 pm
I have 4 kids and made pesach 2020.
That's all
I barely started

This is my plan ...intentionally bc my 1 yo is home all day and I didn't feel I could do anything earlier

I have 3 floors , upstairs, main and basement

Past 2 weeks I've kind of cleaned upstairs and basement ..no food there

Sunday I have a cleaning lady
She will do my fridge freezer oven stove
Then mop wash clean my entire main floor
I'll help her along

Then we'll hopefully turn over
I am just closing and selling my cabinets..no need to go through them

Then she will change linen and sweep and mop upstairs

Monday shopping I wrote my list already and menu
Tues , Wednesday..cook
Hope this helps u
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:09 pm
Im also sefardi and I dont understand why people make a big deal.

Im married 3 years and made pesach as a newlywed. Im hosting this shabbat as well.

Countertops are formica.
I wash with soap, let dry and cover with that thick plastic from the hardware store.
I self clean the oven.
I clean my fridge and wipe down the shelves.
Cover my chametz and sell. Lock all my cupboards.

Got a cleaning lady today who cleaned my apartment.

Going to kasher my oven and stove top sunday morning. Ill vaccum again to cover the mess my toddler made over shabbos

Ill shop monday, and cook monday evening when my daughter is sleeping and tuesday.

meat, chicken, dafina with potatoes, salatim, SB, Sweet potato, rice, etc. not a big deal by us
I also make alot of stuffed foods like yabra, cabbage, peppers. easy and yummy
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:12 pm
This is from a post on the cancelled hotel program thread.

Make pesach. Clean for 24 hours. Cover counters. Kasher oven and sinks.
Make fish and chicken soup. Plastic disposable goods for everything including bechers. Buy matzah and grape juice and you have pesach ready.
Or. Close the kitchen and go to the local chabad house.


Remember you only need to clean where actual chametz can be found.
I'm making a very simple Pesach - wine, matza, seder plate stuff, chicken soup, pot roast, salad, roasted veggies.
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:15 pm
You vacuum from top to bottom
Put all chometz in a designated area to lock up.
Clean out your fridge
Wash off your counters
Scrub your sink
Clean your stove
Then kasher your sink and stovetop
I would lock up the oven
Cover counters

Cook on your stovetop
Use mostly disposables
Buy whatever you can

You can do this…
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:17 pm
Should be good. one day to clean, one day to shop and one day to cook some things
If you can’t find matzah in your kosher supermarket (but I think you will) Trader Joe’s has

Good luck!
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 5:29 pm
Thanks for the quick replies! I'm starting to feel pretty good about the next few days. The funny thing is I also never understood the "big deal" - I actually had such an amazing Pesach in 2020 just the two of us - but the last minute notice combined with the absolute lack of any prep whatsoever made me feel very overwhelmed. BH everything will be fine Smile shabbat shalom Heart
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 7:05 pm
it is definitely a big deal. but glad you are feeling like you can do it.
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Post Fri, Mar 31 2023, 7:44 pm
1. Find out from your Rav what is needed to kasher your kitchen. Different people hold differently re: What has to get cleaned, kashered etc.
2. Buy what you need. Amazon or a basic home goods store- pots and pans (don't need fanciest), cutting board and knife, peeler, spatulas and soup ladle. X2 if you do dairy meals. Hand mixer for desserts etc. Get a way to label so you know what is meat, dairy and pareve!!
3. Make menu and shop. It is only a week so you don't need everything. We keep it basic and fewest prepared/packaged items. Make sure you get what is needed for seder too.
4. Clean kitchen. Kasher. Cover what needs to be covered.
5. Sweep floors, clean anywhere that food went to.
6. Check your bags.
7. Vacuum carpets, couches etc if food could go there.
8. Clean car out.
9. Cook while doing the above (stick food in oven, while it cooks do one of the above).
10. Bedikas chometz and take a nap!

Yeah, I have barely cleaned. Shopped a little. But I work full time so doing crazy amount on Sunday. (I did some rooms with doors on them already). I find once we turn kitchen over it is much easier to clean because less policing of kids.
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Post Sat, Apr 01 2023, 5:08 pm
No need to kasher sink, buy a sink insert.
You are allowed to cook on yom tov.
If you live in chutz laaretz remember eruv tavshilim.
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