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Post your cleanings and organizing routine

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Post Tue, May 02 2023, 1:31 pm
Post your cleaning and cleaning up weekly routine

Please include
- amount of cleaning help if any
- do other family members do chores and which
- Do you work (or have other out of the house commitments)? How much?
- Please share any related tips that helped you get organized with your weekly home upkeep!

I will start:
Motzai shabbos - cleanup from shabbos: dishes, sweep, wipe floor
Sunday, monday - basic upkeep if have time
Tuesday - Cleaning help, cleans the whole house
Thursday-Friday - All laundry wash, dry (and fold if have time)
Thursday night - organize for shabbos
Friday - big cleanup of the whole house

I work full time from home. I do not find that the above is nearly enough!
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Post Tue, May 02 2023, 2:02 pm
What's your motive for this thread? You sound pretty geshikt. Are you looking for ideas to improve your routine, or is this simply a desire to know what's cooking in everyone else's pot? Either way you might get better responses if you allowed anonymous posting. We all imagine our housekeeping routine is so unique it'll out us immediately.
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Post Tue, May 02 2023, 2:35 pm
Sunday - Friday
Do whatever I have time and energy for
Leave the rest for ‘another day’
Work out of the house almost all day and no cleaning help besides the kids (and DH occasionally)
Priorities are laundry (washed, dried (not ironed) and in the right rooms for the owners to put away), clean kitchen surfaces, clean toilets, dishes washed.
Kids tidy and vacuum on Friday.
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Post Wed, May 03 2023, 1:34 pm
zaq wrote:
What's your motive for this thread? You sound pretty geshikt. Are you looking for ideas to improve your routine, or is this simply a desire to know what's cooking in everyone else's pot? Either way you might get better responses if you allowed anonymous posting. We all imagine our housekeeping routine is so unique it'll out us immediately.

Huh? why would I just want to know what is cooking in ppls pot? I don't even know anyone on this forum personally

I am trying to find a better routing, because mine isn't working. My house is a mess Sad
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Post Wed, May 03 2023, 2:01 pm
Oh, ok. We have many many purposeless threads in which the OP just wants to yenta about how many pairs of shoes do you own or how often do you sweep your floor or how big is your engagement ring. Glad to know this query is not of that ilk.

One's routine will vary with size and type of dwelling, number and age of occupants, and general environment as well as how neat or sloppy they may be. If you live on the edge of a desert, beach or construction zone, you will have sand tracking and blowing in and may need to sweep several times a day.Elsewhere you may get away with sweeping once a week. A household of two adults may get away with emptying wastebaskets once a week, while a household including three in diapers may require multiple daily trips to the dumpster.

If you're really clueless, check out flylady com. She's a bit of a cleaning drill sergeant and will provide lists of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning tasks. I believe she also sends daily email task lists-come-pep talks. She's great if you can tolerate her bossiness.
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 2:07 am
Monday- bathrooms and trash bags. Put away clean dishes
Tuesday - rest cleaning lady
Wednesday -laundry and dishes
Thursday -clean entire house for shabbos , more laundry Chessed helper to put away laundry
Friday- cook and dishes and vacuum and mop

Daily sweep and dishes
Daily take down all dirty laundry
Daily husband takes out garbage.

Sunday/motzash total house makeover
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 2:37 am
No cleaning help, but DH and the kids are all participants in the home.

Every evening, I try to clean the kitchen down. It takes 15 minutes if I'm consistent.

The rest waits for "tomorrow."

Bed gets made in the morning.

I get a load of laundry done a day, and do a mini cleanup in the morning, and a proper cleanup, with the kids, right before supper.

Floors get washed on Friday, and sometimes I rub a rag over it during the week.

Everything else is opportunistic -- bathroom trash is full? Change it. Back sink is looking grungy? Wipe it down.

The house isn't usually flying, but neither is it magazine ready. It s clean enough to be healthy, and neat enough to use.
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 2:49 am
I think these routines depends on where you are living also.
Boruch Hashem we live in Israel. We have sales early. We get Matzos a week and a half through certain baking Chaburos before Pesach which means You need a large area to put down a few or so boxes. We have a meat sale this week. The Freezer needs to be done. Next week (a week before Pesach) we have another large sale with Dry goods, Vegetables, oils, etc. You need alot of area to be clean, either the fridge, or kitchen area. In the states I know many might do this also but many clean and do their big shopping right before Pesach. I myself turn over a week before so I can prepare certain foods. (I did it when my kids were younger also, we had a yard and ate outside, we managed). It really depends on the amount of help you have, when you can shop and what your families needs are.
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 2:58 am
Motzei Shabbos:
Dishes/put house back together
Start laundry- I normally do 4-5 loads between Motzei Shabbos and Sunday.

Daily we sweep at least 2x a day- I have a Gan in the house.
Dishes are a daily task.
Counters get wiped when dirty and things get moved/total kitchen clean up on Friday.
Bathroom gets cleaned most Fridays. And the table clutter all gets put away on Friday as well.

I work more than full time. So I do my best with what I’ve got. And we do not have cleaning help
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 3:53 am
No cleaning help.I work half days.

Sunday - toilets and bathroom, wash school uniforms, paperwork. teenager vacumes the bedrooms (carpet)
Wednesday - fold laundry
Thursday- weekly shop, clean out fridge
Friday - tidy, sweep vaccum wash living room,

Summer vacation - big declutter

I do a load of laundry when I wake up. try to do another one later in the day
I try to tidy up as the kids get ready for school
Evening - tidy the kitchen and do a quick living room tidy,

Boys room is always perfect as my son is very neat.

I do have ADHD and a small house. My house is far from perfect
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