ISO Internet-free phone that doesn’t break fast
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Post Thu, May 11 2023, 1:13 pm
My kyocera clunky phone just broke in half after normal use so I've been doing a lot of research.
I had a lot of information before going into the store so I went in to cellular 4 less to hear what their opinion is.
Here's what they say:
In regard to filtering the QIN, they sell a kosher version with or without apps.
They also sell 2 different cases that help protect it. They claim this is the most popular option now, they sold 5k in 5 months.
(a relative had the unfiltered one directly from china and it had an issue that the touch screen used to randomly hang up phone calls on you, the filtered version does not have this issue)
The sunbeam (from my experience and C4L as well) is a piece of junk. Even with the protective case it can fall once on the floor and it's over.
The Unihertz is a fantastic phone but their customer service is terrible and if you have any issues with it, it will cost a ton to get it fixed.
The FIG, which is another new phone, also has similar junk issues to the sunbeam.

This is all the research I did, I will prob end up with the QIN, I'd love to hear more feedback on it.
And Crust, what do think about what I just wrote?
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